Monday, 13 December 2010

Progress Update!


Alas theres no sign of the Scotia Grendel parcel as yet but hopefully it will arrive before the end of the week. To be honest its just as well it hasn't arrived as I have a dissertation to hand in for university on Thursday!

I have been putting a little thought into the background of the game and how it an be built on and have decided that the Earthpower supplement I have been pottering away with over the last year or so should be set fifty or so years after the events outlined in the original rulebook.

This will allow me to bring in new units and factions without too much hassle and can give a really interesting new spin on the setting!

I will be fleshing it out over the coming weeks but I hope to be able to include a more detailed map of Aeroth soon so folks can see whats being fought over and just how much damage the sundering of the great seal caused!


As can be seen on the cover, and mentioned throughout the text itself, the land of Aeroth is now a blasted desert, where once mighty cities and sprawling forests stood so theres plenty to work with!

Till then all the best!

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