Tuesday, 21 December 2010



Well its been snowing for most of a week here now and by the looks of things my Scotia Grendel order wont be coming in before Christmas.

I am off to Portsmouth on Thursday so theres not much time to get painting done but I have made a start on a mk2 Wargolem. As the Dwarven expedition will be mainly equipped with tanks and artillery, along with the occassional mk1 Wargolem, I thought that my Technomancer Guilders needed a bit of a different look.

Despite being also being dwarves, I wanted them to have a more technological feel to them in keeping with the background material so they are getting a selection of the mk2 Wargolems!

I will try and get a work in progress picture up over the next day or so but I doubt I will be getting much more work done on the project until the new year (although I am going to be getting a fair bit of concept sketching done!)

All the best!

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