Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tabletop Gaming Old Project Challenge


I've decided to enter the Tabletop Gaming Old Project Challenge!

Its been set up to get folks to take a look at a project thats been on their workbench for quite a while and I thought it would be ideal to spur me into action with my Leviathan stuff.

I've set myself the challenge of painting up 1000 points worth of Dwarves and Orcs by the end of February next year (handily they are also the front runners on the poll at present too!)

Further info can be found HERE!

Heres a quick breakdown of the forces:



1 Level 2 Hero with Thunderhammer battletank . 195


5 Dwarves with spears, medium armour, shields and standard 174

5 Dwarves with crossbows 185

War Machines

2 Multi Barrelled Grenade Launchers 140

6 crew 90


2 War Golems 212

GRAND TOTAL: 996 Points



1 Level 2 Hero with a Necrosaur, medium armour, spear and shield 183

1 Level 1 Hero with Necrodon, light armour, 2 handed weapon and shield 57

Infantry and Cavalry

5 goblin carnadons, hand weapons, shields and shortbows 160

5 orc necrodons, light armour, shield and spear 200


2 orc carnosaurs, hand weapons, shields, standard 165.5

1 Necrosaur with harpoon 215

GRAND TOTAL: 1000.5 Points

That should give me plenty to work on while incorporating some of the stuff I already have painted!

All the best!

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