Sunday, 28 February 2010

Weekend Getaway!


Alas Ive not had any chance to get any painting done over the last weekend as Ive been off down south for the weekend!

Ive heard back from about half the blogs followers but still await replies from the rest. I will wait till the end of the week to see if anyone else contacts me and will pack stuff up and post it on Saturday!

All the best!

Monday, 22 February 2010

More Painted Stuff and Giveaway Update!


Alas I seem to be having a bit of difficulty contacting the blog followers to get their addresses so I can send out some Leviathan swag so please post a reply if you want some free stuff!

In more cheery news the chaps at Scotia Grendel have generously offered a 20% discount on the Leviathan range to a lucky blog follower or contributer and I will be drawing a name out of a hat once Ive got folks contact details!

In the meantime Ive nabbed a picture of Mr Wigglesworths rather fantastic orc carnosaurs from over on the Scotia forum:

Mr Wigglesworths Carnosaurs

I love the classic green and yellow paint scheme straight from the Leviathan rulebook cover. The beady eyes of the carnosaur are also worth mention as they really bring the model to life!

Its going to be interesting to see what his completed force looks like as hes off to a really great start!

Also Ive been working on a bit of an interim warband to keep me occupied while the poll is running and heres the first of the painted miniatures for my half orc outcasts:

Half Orc Outcast

The Outcasts are a ragtag mixture of halfblooded offspring of orcs, goblins, humans and elves. Despised by the great hordes, halfbloods are killed whenever encountered. Other races also hate them due to their parentage, the Outcasts often gravitate to the fallen for protection and can often be found employed as disposable fodder in the armies of darkness.

Some enterprising or stubborn halfbloods refuse to join the ranks of the fallen but band together and form raiding parties which prey on the ruined settlements of Aeroth. My force represents one such warband and thus far consists of a half orc leader with his warped scavenger, several half orc and goblin minions along with a rogue female great orc to act as muscle.

Having raided an orc burial mound the Outcasts shaman has raised a couple of orcish skeletons to act as terror troops (I'm almost finished painting the first of them!) along with some rather rusty armour and arcane weapons. The force will be rather rag tag and savage looking to tie in with their rather unsavory practices of grave robbery and looting the dead on abandoned battlefields.

I will be working on some stats for an Outcast faction over the next few weeks so I can play some games using it!

All the best!

Sunday, 21 February 2010



Well its taken a year but Ive finally reached my 100th post. Its been a bit of a mixed year gaming wise but hopefully I will get chance to crack on with my Leviathan project now Ive revised what I was doing and got myself a bit better organised!

Ive decided to celebrate by having a bit of a giveaway of some of my excess Leviathan stuff. I will be emailing all the blogs followers over the next day or so and arranging to post out some goodies!

My cunning plan has several purposes, firstly I think folks deserve a bit of a thank you for following (and even reading) my ramblings, it will hopefully get a few more people interested in the setting and finally it will allow me to unload some of my lead and resin mountain!

My only proviso to the giveaway is that the recipients have a go at painting the stuff and sending me a few pictures of their attempts!


The blogger contacting system doesnt seem to be working so if you are interested in getting some Leviathan freebies just check my email address on my profile page and I will see what I can organise!

All the best!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Possible Miniatures Part 3 and Swag Givaway Preview!


Well heres the next part of my ongoing ponderings into the possible miniatures I will be using for my assorted forces for Leviathan!

The Light Elves

There is mention of several of the elven houses who resisted the ruinous downfall of their kin in the background of Leviathan and I want to represent them in some way. Unlike the usual bright and noble elven nobles of other fantasy systems I want them to look like grizzled survivors of the apocalypse, possibly intent on reclaiming their lost legacy.

I had considered painting up some dark elves in slightly different colours such as grays and off whites but want them to be significantly different in appearance from their fallen kin.

Ive had a look at the the celtos range from Brigade Games which have some excellent characters such as these:

Alas their infantry arent as good so I may just pick up a few force leaders and characters from the range.

Another option is the old Heartbreaker sculpts. Ive got about a dozen dragon kin and normal elves from them and they are really nice, and unusual looking. Unfortunately I havent got any pictures of them just now but will see if I can rummage some out.

Reaper also has loads, as does Ral Partha Europe but they tend to be a tad generic.

Ral Partha Regular Elf Sergeant.

As the elven slavers are going to be quite characterful I want to make their good kin look equally interesting. Its still all a bit vague at the moment so I may have to go back and ponder them some more!

In other news my next post will be my one hundredth!

As a bit of a celebration I will be having a bit of a Leviathan based givaway to each of the blogs followers with swag ranging from Lesser Goblin Wartowers to Dwarven Steamtanks and infantry!

More information to follow!

All the best

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Possible Miniatures Part 2!


Well its a bit later than promised but heres some more ponderings on what miniatures I plan to use to represent various warbands!

Elven Slavers

The Elves in Leviathan are all degenerate drug addicts and as such I want my slavers to look the part. Alas the official Leviathan ones are a bit rubbish to be honest with rather large heads so I will have to look further afield for some suitable proxies.

My first port of call has been Ral Partha Europe who have a vast selection of stuff and the old Crucible range has some very nice possibilities such as these:

Possible Powerlancer

Blade Maiden

Blade Maiden 2


They also have some interesting demons that could make good support for the elves:

The first one is perfect for some sort of lesser beast but the big monsters, while looking fantastic are more suited to the Sea Devils I plan on working on at a later date!

Next up theres Reaper with their large selection too and after a little rummaging I found these which might be suitable:

They also have some rather nice hell hounds:

Hell Hounds

Much as I hate to admit it, Games Workshop also have some which might well see use too such as the witch elves and even the cold one knights:

Cold One Knights


I will continue pondering my elven troops in my next update!

All the best!

Dwarf Test Piece!


Heres a quick picture of a dwarven test piece I painted up:

Dwarven Crossbowman

The miniature is one of the old Heartbreaker range that I got from Ral Partha Europe. He was a bit of a test piece to see if I could get back into painting 28mm stuff after a lengthy spell of painting 15mm stuff!

Theres a few bits and pieces Im not happy with but on the whole its not too bad. I think the rest of my dwarves will be painted in a similar fashion. Its a bit of a relief that it turned out alright as previous attempts at painting in the scale recently were unmitigated disasters!

All the best!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More Leviathan Goodies!


I just received this picture from Thomas over at Die Platt of some of his Leviathan stuff:

Orc Horde!

I have to admit that its a beautiful looking force that puts my stuff to shame! Theres more pictures coming too so be prepared for a bit of a treat if the first one is anything to go by!

UPDATE! And here they are:

Orc Horde Twin Titanosaurs

Orcish Infantry


Barbarian Wartower Scratchbuild

Elementals and Assorted Druids!

I just want to say thanks to both Mr Wigglesworth and Thomas for allowing me to nick all their brilliant pictures for my blog!

All the best!

Mr Wigglesworths Barbarian Horde!


Just spotted these guys over on the miniatures page and thought they warranted a mention here!

Mr Wigglesworths Complete Horde

Barbarian Hero Mounted on a Razorback

Barbarian Warper

Earth Elemental and Druid

Barbarian Razorback Rider

Hes done a fantastic job of painting the force and it really looks good and fits in well with the setting. The use of black and white warpaint in a Conan the Barbarian style is particularly effective and gives the force a really savage and barbaric look!

More pictures of the horde can be found HERE. Its well worth a peruse through the complete gallery and hopefully I will be able to pester him to give a description of how he set about painting them!

All the best!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Leviathan Warmachine Crews!


During my extended break from Leviathan the chaps over at Scotia released a couple of new packs of crew members for the barbarians and the dwarves!

Alas Im not too keen on the barbarians as they are just too cartoony but the dwarves are rather nice:

Dwarf Guncrew

While still a bit stylised I rather like them!

All the best!

Possible Miniatures!


Well Im sat pondering on what miniatures to use for the individual warbands and thought I would post my thoughts here on the blog!

The Orcish Patrol:

I am in two minds as to what miniatures to use for the orcs as I have a real soft spot for the old citadel and heartbreaker ranges by Kev Adams such as these guys:

Heartbreaker Orc Shaman

I feel they are in keeping with the look of the orc warbeasts from the game but looking at the original artwork, the orcs in Leviathan are more brutal and less cartoony than that so a better option could be either Bob Olleys fantastic gargantuan orcs from Ral Partha:

Ral Partha Europes Gargantuan Orc

Also the old Crucible orcs, again from Ral Partha capture the barbaric look of the orc horde quite well:

Crucible Orc Skirmisher

Then theres the plentiful choices from Reaper in the US:

Reaper Orc Warlord

At present I am leaning slightly towards the Bob Olley sculpts as they are rather impressive but am still open to suggestions. I want to try and collect some more dynamic looking miniatures that reflect the post apocalyptic nature of Leviathan and feel that the old cartoony looking orcs just wont do!

Next up theres the goblin freedom fighters. Again I have quite a few of the old citadel and heartbreaker ones but feel that some of them may be a bit cartoony and that a darker look may be more suited.

Heartbreaker Dark Goblin Champion

Some of the old citadel ones are more useful but are getting a bit pricey to get hold of and increasingly rare. I am sorely tempted to help fund my current project by selling off a big pile of old swag!

Bob Olley sculpted the ral partha range but its been available since I first got into the hobby over 15 years ago so may be showing its age a little.

Ral Partha Goblin Commander

To be honest I am still pondering what to do with them as the background has them as five foot tall and slim while most goblin miniatures are closer to three foot tall dwarves! Possibly half orcs or hobgoblins would be more useful. Otherworld has some rather nice hobgoblins but they are a bit heavily armoured to really work:

Otherworld Miniatures Hobgoblins

The Barbarians are more straightforward as EM4 Miniatures have got the old grenadier miniatures range. Coupled with some of the old Chronopia sons of Kronos and the huge selection of reaper miniatures barbarians, the celts from Brigade Games and assorted other places I doubt I will have too much problem filling the force out.

EM4 Miniatures Barbarian (formerly Grenadier)

The Dwarves are another fairly easy force to choose miniatures from, or so I had thought until I looked through what I had! Ive got some of the old heartbreaker miniatures, Chronopia armoured dwarves and then theres the more realistically proportioned dwarves from reaper!

Again it was a case of looking at the original concept art and they are blocky, squat and quite ugly looking fellows so the original range, supplemented by some of the heartbreaker miniatures wont do me too badly. Also the original miniature range of dwarves for Leviathan are really not bad and with some real gems such as the engineer I think I will be sticking with them, possibly with the Chronopia miniatures eventually being added to form another strongholds party.

Heartbreaker Dwarf General

Any suggestions as to what miniatures are available, and more importantly, suitable for the individual warbands would be most welcome!

I will try and add the second part of the possible miniatures rant either later this evening or at some point tomorrow!

All the best!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Warbands Away!


Well its looking like all the warbands are proving popular with you folks with he dwarves currently in the lead followed by the orcs, goblins, elven slavers and children of the worm!

Villains and evil types seem to be proving quite popular, along with the doughty dwarves and their steam tech! Ive got several more forces on the drawing board and will run another poll at a later date giving folks the choice of what they would like to see (it will include the horned folk, the daughters of leviathan and several others)

I will need to get my camera out and start taking some pictures of the warbands unpainted lead to give you some idea as to what I am hoping to do but that will have to wait till tomorrow!

All the best!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Possible Warbands!

Well here are the initial options for the warbands I mentioned in my previous post. Ive included a mixture of all the races thus far mentioned and a few new ones too. I have a poll running to see what you folks would like to see so please feel free to vote!

An orcish patrol. A mixed group of orcs scouting ahead of the great horde. The force will consist of several savage orcs along with a posse of regulars, a minor Kahn and his great orc bodyguard.

Goblin freedom fighters. Long crushed under the foot of the orcs, these goblins are escaped slaves intent on freeing their kin and looting the occasional settlement while theyre at it. Will consist of a group of goblins with mixed weapons and several herds of lesser goblins along with a troll.

Barbarian Raiders. Savage humans from the north on a raiding expedition led by a seasoned veteran along with a druid followed by some impetuous youngbloods and a lesser stone elemental.

Dwarven Adventurers. A group of experienced dwarven types exploring the region around the nearby dwarf hold. Consists of an ancient leader, an engineer with some automaton support and several dwarven warriors in support.

Elven Slavers. The baddies! A group of elven degenerates with supporting demon! Light Elven Scouts. Most of the elves in Leviathan are evil and twisted demon worshipping drug addicts but some still follow the light. A scout group led by a magic user on some unfathomable quest.

Knights of the Eternal Light! Noble human templars fighting to turn back the darkness. The knights all have mechanical right hands with all sorts of interesting built in weapon options. Support will come in the form of some lowly squires while leadership is a templar champion.

Children of the Worm. Vile undead creatures bringing the gift of unlife to the world. The force consists of some rotting corpses along with a few more preserved minions led by a necromancer. Possible support may be some sort of worm creature or skeletal construct.

Pitiful Human Rabble. Most of humanity has been reduced to scavenging through the ruins of once great cities and this group is typical. There will probably be quite a few of them, many with some sort of mutations. The leader will be a wild eyed rabble rouser with a big mutant enforcer.

Any suggestions for other forces or indeed miniatures would be most welcome!

All the best!

Pondering The Way Forward!


Well Ive not done anything with my Leviathan project for several months now and had intended to mothball my blog and the miniatures were destined for ebay.

However once I had got the miniatures out and looked at them I couldnt face getting rid of my collection. I love the Leviathan setting and the rules are solid but I feel that they are better suited to skirmish gaming than mass battle.

Because of this Ive decided to develop my blog and the project itself in two different directions. Firstly I hope to continue painting up my Leviathan orcs, indeed I hope to end up with a rather massive army of them at some point. This will be more for personal enjoyment than wargaming but will hopefully get me back into the swing of things!

Secondly I plan on painting up some small skirmish forces, more like GWs Mordheim or Necromunda. These small forces will allow me to get some games in using a slightly modified version of the Leviathan rules and feature small groups of adventurers, raiders and assorted goodness and will also expand the Leviathan setting to include all sorts of new forces, monsters and minions!

I will also be collecting and painting up some other resin goodness in the form of Ramshackle Games Nuclear Renaissance game. More of a sci-fi, steampunk type of game it features many similarities with Leviathan as many of the models used are resin and it too works better as a skirmish game!

Whats got me really inspired has been looking at Daves IMP552s House Of Wargaming. Week after week hes been adding new units to some impressive armies and I thought it was about time I tried something similar!

Because of this I plan on painting three fantasy miniatures a week and posting them on my blog here. It may not seem like much but it should keep the blog here active.

All the best!