Friday, 16 April 2010

Leviathan Skirmish Inspirational Stuff!


While perusing the Lead Adventure Forum I spotted THIS TOPIC

DonVoss, the poster has been rummaging through his lead mountain to find some suitable gangs for Song Of Blades and Heroes and has collected some rather unique forces.

Spider Cult by DonVoss

Theres several more forces on the topic which is well worth a peruse but I really like the Spider Cult! I have looked at SOBH before but found the rules to be slightly too simple. With a skirmish game I want to have a bit more depth but thats just my opinion as SOBH has received really good reviews and many folks really enjoy it.

This is just the sort of sized force I am hoping to collect and game with in the skirmish version of Leviathan and will be on the lookout for some more suitable characters for my Children of the Worm warband! Alas almost all my miniature pile has been sent up to Edinburgh to reside with my folks so I will be perusing the various manufacturers!

All the best!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Classic Leviathan: An Update!


Ive had a quick chat with the chaps over at Scotia Grendel and they do have plans for some new stuff for the Classic Leviathan rules! It may take quite a while but there are plans for a Darkwing model as well as some new orcs!

In the meantime I am going to have a go at re-sculpting some of the monsters currently available as the elves beasts are currently a bit poor. This will involve me trying to design and sculpt a new dragonbane, new earthbound (including a new monster choice in the form of the earthbound support powerlance platform) and possibly a dragon too!

In other news I am still working on the skirmish rules and hope to have the Children of the worm miniatures bought and painted within the next month or so. For the basic followers I am planning on using some of the excellent Heresy Miniatures cultists and ghouls:

Heresy Cultists

With a little work to them to add some veils and stuff they should make perfect Children of the Worm and with the addition of a few Reaper characters and monsters I should have a decent force!

All the best!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Levyathan: The Forces


Heres the first of the promised articles on the new Levyathan game (Its not a typo but the old English spelling!)

I will go onto the background in more depth at a later date but I think a quick primer on the various races is worth a quick look at too. The four races of Theia, the world that Levyathan is set in are all bred from the same genetic stock. Centuries of selective breeding has resulted in four different races:

The Humans:

Men are the most versatile of the castes. They originally served as a worker class to the other races but the coming of Levyathan has meant that many have fled to Thule, a mountainous land to the far north. They worship the Earth Mother and their witches can use earthpower, or Vril, to shape the land to their needs.


The basic human infantry are the Clansmen. Armed with staff slings which use a nasty magical cocktail which explodes on contact they form the bulk of the infantry.

Red Branch are the elite infantry, capable of channeling the earthpower to transform themselves into huge twisted creatures. Armed with an assortment of hand weapons they are dedicated shock troops.

Hunters are young warriors given explosive tipped spears to take on enemy war machines and monsters. This is often a bit of a suicidal undertaking but gives the humans some nice cheap anti-tank weapons!


Humanity fields an assortment of vehicles and elementals when it goes to war and the Atlas Golem is the most common, using its mighty stone fists to crush infantry and war engines alike.

The Apollo Golem is more of a support choice with its ability to bombard enemy positions with huge boulders.

Wartowers are wheeled war engines with a mighty onager mounted on them, along with some nasty close combat weaponry for dealing with opposing infantry. They also have limited troop transportation abilities which allows them to carry two stands of infantry onboard.

The Raven is a specialised troop transport capable of carrying four stands of infantry into battle. Its only weapons are close combat and also fields a boarding ramp so the crew can assault opposing war engines.


The basic human artillery piece is the Onager, a wheeled construction capable of firing indirectly over long distances.

The Trebuchet is a fixed artillery piece with the ability to hit just about anywhere on the table but its lack of movement means its deployment must be carefully thought out.

There are several more interesting human war engines ranging from Oculus Golems to the fearsome Bellatrix but they will be covered at a later date!

I will be covering the orcish horde next so keep an eye out!

All the best

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Back From Holiday!


Just a quick update! Ive just got back from a rather amazing holiday to Wales and will be getting my broadband installed on Monday so hope to have regular service returned by Tuesday rather than having to make do with rubbish mobile broadband!

I have decided to categorise my Leviathan blog a bit as theres three different games (thus far!) covered by it. Firstly theres the classic edition involving large resin beasties, the skirmish version I've been playing around with over the last month or so and finally the new Leviathan game under development.

Speaking of which I will be beginning a series of articles on the game mechanics, background and forces over the next week or so (I hope to give a brief overview of the individual forces tomorrow at some point!) I will make a point of playing some games and posting battle reports with my thoughts on the individual units and forces too!

With the classic edition I have still got a load of miniatures to paint up over the holidays and finally the skirmish game needs work done on it and the warbands need collecting up and painting.

Alas its just getting to my most busy time of the academic year so the next month or so will only see one or two updates a week but come June I will be adding them daily (fingers crossed!)

All the best!