Saturday, 22 January 2011

Big Clear Out Coming!


I have decided its high time to have a big clear out of the stuff I am not going to be using or is just taking up valuable space!

I plan on posting a big list of stuff up here first to see if anyones interested in purchasing any of it and after that its off to ebay with the lot!

At present I have a large pile of books ranging from History to art and wargaming rules and graphic novels and its being added to hourly. I will also be flogging off some excess miniatures so keep your eyes peeled for s0me bargains!

In other news I seem to have broken the 7000 mark for page views which is nice! I have something special in mind for when I get to the 10000 mark!

All the best!


  1. Looking forward to the Big List!!!


  2. Hi!

    I am hoping to get it posted by the end of next week as its going to take me that long to sort through it all!

    All the best!