Friday, 28 January 2011

Big List Of Rules!


Well I've now got the following rulesets to try out:

Dungeon World 2
Empire Chronopia
Fantasy Rules 3
Fantasy Warriors
Fire At Will
Gobbledy Gook
Hordes of the Things 2
Kings Of War
Leviathan 10mm
Mighty Empires
No Quarter
Shadow Sea
Skull Crusher
Song Of Blades
Unbridled Fury

I still have several to get hold of but I reckon that should keep me entertained for some time to come but if anyone can suggest any others by all means give us a shout!

I hope to get another battle report up this evening, along with a review of another ruleset. Alas there won't be any pictures this time round but as of next week I will be cracking on with painting and sculpting so I will have something to include in the reports!

All the best!

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