Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dwarf and Orc Reviews!


I thought it would be a plan to post a review of my recent Leviathan purchases so without further ado:

Orc Necrodon Spearmen

The pack comes with three identical beasts and riders. Sculpted by Kev Adams they have a really good sense of personality but I was slightly disappointed that there was only a single sculpt as variety with skirmish games is better, especially in an Orc horde.

Also the casting quality of the resin was a bit mixed. As you can see in the picture theres rather a lot of flash and in one case, some large air bubbles in the Necrodons chin. The metal sculpts on the other hand are perfect. I know they were having difficulties with resin casting up at Scotia due to the cold weather so that may be the cause.

The only other problem I have with the sculpt itself is that the cast on legs of the rider have a very unorcish skinny waist!

Dwarven Multi Guns

The pack contains three identical multi barreled cannons with built in gun shield. The casting quality for them is much higher than those of the orcs. The sculpting is also really nice and I will be looking forward to fielding them in my dwarven forces!

My only criticism is that the dwarf artillery crew which is available from Scotia is a bit mixed in quality (alas I forgot to order any so my guns have no crew!!)

Dwarven Mk2 Wargolem Black Thunder

I ordered a bit of a conversion of the Black Thunder with the mk1 Wargolem arms so I could represent them as updated editions and having a look at them, I think they are going to look fantastic once finished. The casting quality is again a real problem though with lots of flash and the main bodies themselves having a bit of a dirty look to patches of them. I don't know much about the casting process but it looks like dust has got into the resin when it was wet.

All this aside I believe that with a good clean they will be fine and add a really eye catching element to my dwarven force!

The Goblin Carnodons I ordered are reviewed HERE on my blog.

I am rather surprised by the overall quality of my recent purchases as they are more like the old stuff I got right at the beginning of my project. The previous orders I made had a far better finish to them. This may be due to the weather conditions as already mentioned, or the moulds are needing looking at. I will place another order in a couple of months and see how it goes!

In other news I may be offline for a few days as my computer is going in for repairs and I am off to Scotland next week. Hopefully I will get chance to post a few bits and bobs here in the meantime though!

All the best!

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