Thursday, 20 January 2011

Frustration and a Change of Scale?


I've been sat painting my Dwarf Technomancer with increasing frustration! Maybe its just the choice of colour scheme or the fact that the last stuff I painted was either 15mm scale or a large maquette for animation standing over 30cm tall. But I am really rather unhappy with my progress so far.

I have experienced some misgivings about my painting standard since I started my Technomancers at the start of the month and today has re-enforced this. Maybe I just need to knuckle under and get some practice in but I am really not loving 28mm scale at present!

For gaming I have got used to painting 6mm and 15mm which requires a very different style from that of 28mm! Getting my head round this difference seems to be taking a frustratingly long time!

Still I will persevere with the current force and get them completed! The next decision will be whether I continue in the scale or change to a smaller one.

To be honest I swithered about this last year too as I can churn out a fair number of good paint jobs in smaller scales in a couple of hours while the bigger stuff seems to be leaving me cold. I am used to painting being a pleasurable and relaxing experience, not a stress. Sadly I have got quite a few Leviathan bits and bobs kicking around so I will need to paint them at some point. I am just not certain now is the right time!

Coupled with the prospect of spending hours cleaning smelly resin this is a pretty depressing scene.

I think I will rummage out some of my smaller scale stuff and see how I get on with that and compare my experience!

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Its a difficult decision to make as traditionally 28mm has been my real passion but my life seems to be hectic enough at the moment that the thought of spending endless hours painting a handful of figures is less than appealing. Looking back at my Stainless Steel Rat project I can't help feeling that it was more fun to work on and I actually looked forward to painting...

I will be off to Scotland in a couple of days for a much needed holiday and think I will spend the time carefully thinking about how this project will progress.

I am still dedicated to the Leviathan project but do think I need to think about what direction I will take it. To be honest this is more than likely to result in a change of scale with both 6mm and 15mm forces coming into play. I have been really enjoying sculpting 15mm of late and will try and get one or two of them painted up soon to show folks.

The price of miniatures is also weighing heavily on my mind as I will be graduating in six months time and needing to save the pennies in order to get by. Needless to say spending £20 plus on figures a month is a luxury I cant really afford. If I could drop this to about £10 I think I would be happier.

I do apologise for my long winded ramblings but I do feel I should pause and take stock before launching myself headfirst into a project I will struggle to complete. This is after all my hobby and should be fun, not frustrating and stressful!

Anyhoo! Enough of this moping!

All the best!


  1. Have you considered block painting and then hitting the miniature with a wood stain (say, Minwax Polyurethane Tudor Satin). It's quick and gives good results. I went from being a highlighting/shading 28mm painter to just hitting with the dip for the rank and file.

  2. That's interesting -- I suspect you're right and that it probably has a lot to do with what your hand/eye are used to. I almost always work with 25mm/28mm, and on the occasions when I've dabbled in 15mm, I've had a similar experience, where what I do in 15mm just doesn't reach the same standard as my "regular" scale (to the point where I feel nothing but frustration with it). So perhaps it really is a matter of having a feel for the scale in question.

  3. Hi!

    I have been thinking of going for the dip approach actually! It would speed up my painting a great deal!

    I suspect it is also a combination of the miniature itself and the colour scheme causing problems as I have never been great at getting a good red colour and I have a poor record with the official Leviathan infantry!

    All the best!

  4. I feel your pain - it's pretty depressing staring at a large number of figures, especially if you're not getting the results you want.

    If you want to feel like you're making some progress, I'd second the suggestion of trying a dip. It's a bit of a cheat, but it might get you moving in the right direction. I've just posted a quick tut on my blog -

    Good luck!

  5. Yep, I've been there, too. In my case, when I get burnt out on a 28mm project, I don't change scales, I just switch to another 28mm project. It helps that I have about a dozen such projects going at the same time, but it also means that it takes me forever to actually finish a project.

    As the others suggested, try the dip on one or two figures, and see what you think.


  6. As for expense have a look at the em-4 plastic orcs and dwarves. Dirt cheap and quite easy to make into something a bit different.

  7. Hi!

    I've gone back and looked at the miniature in the cold light of day and its actually looking alright! I think the problem is that I have been stressing for no reason!

    I suspect it has something to do with it being around hand in time at university which has been incredibly stressful!

    I will get the guy finished and post him here to se what you all think!

    I may take a mini break from painting 28mm for a couple of weeks and then come back fresh to the project.

    All the best!