Monday, 10 January 2011

Going Postal!


Alas theres been no sign of any of my packages of miniatures arriving yet (there are now three on their way to me!) so I am a little stumped for things to do with my Technomancers. I have two character models awaiting finishing which will last me to the end of the week but after that I will be in the odd situation of having nothing to paint!

In the meantime I may take some time to review some of my fantasy rule sets that I have kicking around including Chronopia and Crucible. All of them have their uses and may well be handy for some Leviathan inspired gaming!

Heres a quick look at just some of the rules I plan on giving a go:



Song of Blades and Heroes

No Quarter

Fantasy Warriors

I plan on trying out each game using either my leviathan miniature collection or some handy counters! I have had some success with a similar approach to gaming over on my Special Corps blog where I went from having zero games over several years to almost a dozen within a few months!

I hope to bring this to my fantasy gaming and hopefully get chance to play some actual games for a change!

In other news I am sorely tempted to sculpt a 10/15mm version of each of my Leviathan forces. The bigger scale looks great but is a tad bulky to play in a small flat. The smaller scale will allow me to make a really nice little gaming board that will be about 48 inches square (travel sized!) and test out the game and new units before spending a fortune buying them!

As you can see I have plenty to be thinking about!

All the best!

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