Sunday, 16 January 2011

Landscape Ponderings!


Following my map ponderings I have been looking at some rather stunning images that I thought represent my view of the lands of Aeroth. Most come from the American west but theres some other bits and bobs too!

All this got me to thinking that I want to try and avoid the usual greens and greys seen in most wargaming, but to go for something a bit more visually eye catching.

Aeroth is a blasted desert following the death but it does not mean I should go for a boring sandy yellow, instead I want to have vivid reds and oranges, blues and the occasional patch of green where vegetation has survived. I want to make my board look as appealing as the miniatures. I am always a bit let down by how often folks will settle for a battlefield thats more like a bowling green with the odd tree stuck on. I know its quick and easy but at the same time I think wargames could be so much more.

All this enthusiasm is all fine and well but another factor to take into account is the usability of the terrain as it can look stunning but at the same time be totally useless in a game (usually as you don't want it to get damaged!

Coming from an animation background, I have seen some sets that would make stunning gaming boards, and they have to stand up to the rigors of animators working on and around them for weeks on end so they have a certain robustness too! I want to try to do something along those lines!

A somewhat unexpected aspect of my terrain fixation has been a bit of an interest in geology as just because its a fantasy setting, doesn't mean it can be totally removed from reality. The best concept artists I know harp on about it all the time! The best concepts will come from something with a grounding in reality! It gives the audience an element of believability so that the fantastic elements, when added look all the more effective!

Anyhoo! Enough of my demented rambling! I am on the lookout for examples of stunning gaming boards so if anyone out there knows of any please post links so the rest of us can take a peek!

All the best!


  1. I still have a decent amount of my Leviathan stuff and the rule book of course. I too wanted to see this game developed but alas. You sir are a heartier soul than I to undertak such a project. I will certainly keep my eyes open for you though.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the comments! Alas I tend to keep going off on a tangent with my Leviathan project but its lots more fun that way!

    All the best!

  3. My stuff is pretty far afield from a Leviathan fantasy world/game, but you might enjoy checking out the 12'x6' layout I built to host a 130th anniversary of the Battle of Maiwand, fought on July 27th, 1880, between the British and Afghans, during the Second Afghan War.

    The battle took place in the midst of the Helmand Valley, so no hills or mountains, just dusty high summer desert, but the key terrain pieces included a large ravine (in winter months the ravine hosts a roaring river, but all that remains in July is a bunch of brackish puddles) and 3 subsidiary nullahs -- dried out water-courses.

    I don't know if it turned out "stunning" but it looks pretty good and stood up to the wear and tear of a 15-hour game with approx 10 players, then survived being hauled from Southern California to Northern California about a month later, where it was used to refight the battle once again at the Pacificon Game Expo.

    Here's a decent pic of all 6 2'x6' boards laid out together:

    Here's a link to a page on my blog with a bunch of similar pics:

    ...and another page with a bunch more:

    Hope you enjoy!

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the links!

    Thats some really impressive terrain and I wish I had that size of board to play on!

    All the best!