Sunday, 23 January 2011

Leviathan and Crucible in 6mm!


I seem to have worn myself out with my Leviathan project so am going to be taking a bit of a break from painting the big stuff and experiment in playing Leviathan and Crucible in 6mm scale!

The plan is to place a small order with IRREGULAR miniatures for two small forces, one of dwarves and the other of orcs. I have calculated the cost to be about £5.00 each which is nice!

The two forces will see action in games of both Crucible and Leviathan as at that scale they should be fairly interchangeable. I will also get to work sculpting a couple of warbeasts for them!

I will be fielding the following forces:



1 Grandfather, 131

1 Knome, Null Bomb, 64

20 Shieldmen plus Leader, 334

20 Shieldmen plus Leader, 334

10 Thunder Chiefs, 230

10 Thunder Chiefs, 230

5 Ornithopters, 115

Total 1438


1 Level 3 Hero, H. Armour, Shield, 75

10 Guards, Shields, Standard, 332.5

10 Guards, Blunderbuss, Std, 347.5

2 Multi Barrel Launchers, 230

2 Wargolems, 212

2 Thunderhammer Battle Tanks, 280

Total 1477



1 Chieftain, 114

1 Shaman, Tough, 120

10 Skirmishers, 200

10 Skirmishers, 200

10 Skirmishers, 200

20 Warriors, 380

15 Warriors, 285

Total 1499


1 Level 3 Khan, M. Armour, Shield, Necrosaur Mount, 196

1 Level 1 Khan, L. Armour, Shield, Spear, Necrodon Mount, 55

10 Orcs, Bows, 295

5 Orc Necrodons, Spears, Shield, 200

5 Orc Necrodons, Bows, 220

2 Carnosaurs, Bows, Spears, Shield, 170

1 Necrosaur Harpoon, 215

1 Necrosaur, Bows, 145

Total 1496

As you can see, each system has a very different layout of unit sizes. Leviathan is more of an armoured combat game while Crucible is a mass battle one. I am settled on using multiples of 5 for my units as I will be counting each base of troops as five models (each base will have between five and ten figures on it though but it looks better for mass combat effect!)

The Dwarves for Crucible will be relying on two large blocks of heavy infantry backed up by two smaller units of ranged troops and a skirmish force of ornithopters, while their command is the Grandfather who excels in both ranged and close combat. I also included a Knome to give me some magical protection and with a few points left I may get him another couple of spells.

For Leviathan the Dwarf force is split between the infantry who will be protecting the artillery pieces and the armour, golems and tanks who will move forward to engage the enemy.

The orc force in Crucible is formed of a mass of infantry, both skirmishers and warriors who will try to use their weight of numbers to smash the dwarven lines. They are led by a chieftain to add some muscle to one of the warrior units and a shaman who has used his magical skill to toughen up the large orc unit so it can better withstand the powerful thunder rifles.

In the Leviathan force I have gone for a highly mobile army of assorted warbeasts with a few archers to back them up. I will need to use the warbeasts to engage the dwarven armour as quickly as possible so they don't get chance to annihilate me with their powerful cannons, I will use the orc cavalry to close with and engage the infantry.

Most of the infantry will come from Irregular Miniatures with the cavalry, artillery,war engines and beasts being sculpted by me!

These will form the opening battles of my Axebite Pass campaign which will see the orcs trying to break through the dwarven defences and invade the lands beyond. Some of the games will take place in the dwarven underholds that extend under the mountains, while others will be meeting skirmishes between scouts.

I will post battle reports, painted samples, new sculpts and a blow by blow account of the campaign as it develops!

All the best!


  1. Good luck with this and don't forget Irregular always look 100% better with paint on them! :-)

  2. Tell me about it!

    The unpainted lead looks awful but once they've been painted up the results are always really impressive!

    All the best!

  3. Excellent, looking forward to batreps and photos of painted units. Good luck with this!


  4. Good luck!

    I bought Leviathan the other day from Spirit Games, so it will be interesting to see how it works with 6mm.


  5. Hi!

    Welcome to Leviathan!

    If all goes according to plan I am hoping to make a regular thing of it. Each month games will be compared and contrasted, along with the forces available.

    I will also produce more reviews for the likes of Chronopia, Shadowsea, Song Of Blades and any others I have kicking around!

    If theres any force/game folks especially want covered I will try and have a go! The best thing about 6mm is I can easily and cheaply produce a force!

    All the best!