Saturday, 8 January 2011

Leviathan Project Overview 2011


I thought I should spend a few moments to outline my Leviathan plans for 2011!

Its looking like my gaming budget is going to be seriously limited over the course of the coming year, making my monthly faction plan rather more of a challenge than originally thought but I will keep at it anyway as I have been enjoying the process. How long this will last is anyones guess but I plan on completing at least four or five factions over the course of this year which will be an improvement over last years feeble efforts.

I just don't currently have the time or money to buy and paint such large models and my work over on the Special Corps blog really got me to appreciate gaming in small scales, both on my budget and the amount of time it takes to paint a force!

Following on from this I have begun developing my own small scale miniature range and work has begun on the sculpts. These will not be too Leviathan inspired as there is a 10mm scale version of Leviathan in development already. Instead I plan on coming up with some original forces, re-imagining the typical fantasy races...

After my previous ponderings here on the possibility of a 15mm scale range, I have decided on a 10mm one as there seems to be more of a market for them and were a far more popular choice with posters.

I've been wanting to start my own miniature company for over a decade and it looks like 2011 will be the year I actually get to do it, especially as I've been given a business grant to start my own firm.

This funding should allow me to have several different forces cast up so I can test the market, with the initial plan to release about 5-6 packs for each of four forces, covering a mixture of infantry, cavalry, a war engine/monster or two and command. This will allow players to collect a decent force and if things go according to plan, I will eventually have 8-10 packs for each force with a fifth faction started.

I doubt there will be an actual ruleset for them in the short term though as its rather a long process to develop one, although I may yet convert Wargames Unlimiteds No Quarter rules as they have some real possibilities!

As already mentioned the first force will be the Dwarves, followed by Orcs, Elves and Humans. I hope to steer clear of the usual generic fantasy fare though and large monsters will be playing an important part in the range!

To get the ball rolling I will be cracking on with the sculpts ASAP and hope to have the Dwarven command done by the end of next week, again this is rather dependent on work and university but I am determined to give it a try!

I know folks love 28mm and I will be continuing with that scale but with the economic climate its well worth looking into cheaper alternatives!

All the best!

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