Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Meanwhile Somewhere on the Border, Battle Report!


Having undercoated my dwarves I was keen to give them a go on my new gaming board and decided to set up a quick mini game featuring a training exercise between the members of the Boar Company, the dwarves frontier troops.

The Forces!

Grimi Ironfist, Boar Company commander (95 points)
Snorri Rockdelve, Boar Company swordsman (34 points)
Ulf Rumblebelly, Boar Company swordsman (34 points)

Flint Swordsworn, Boar Company second in command (95 points)
Rapp Flint-tongue, Boar Company swordsman (34 points)
Olaf Rockdelve, Boar Company swordsman (34 points)

The Scenario!

Grimli Ironfist, commander of the Boar Company has recruited some new troops who will be accompanying him into the wild highlands surrounding the Axebite pass to defend the dwarven frontier against marauding creatures. Before departing Gimli has decided to put the troops through their paces.

The battlefield is a large cave with four columns supporting the ceiling and a statue of an obscure dwarven hero standing in the centre. Both parties deploy at opposite ends of the board.

The game was played on a board 30x30cm.

The Map!

The aim of the game is to take as many of the opposing dwarves out of the game!

The Game!

The game was played using Song Of Blades And Heroes.

Flints party won the initiative and Rapp moved slowly forward towards the opposing party, alas they promptly lost the initiative and Snorri Rockdelve hurried forward into the shadow of a large column in an attempt to close with Flints party.

Ulf moved down the other flank, angling towards the centre of the area while Grimli strode forward confidently towards the statue in the centre of the cave.

Seing their movement, Flint moves rapidly forward in an attempt to engage Grimli in combat. Meanwhile on the other flank Olaf moves forward towards the other party.

Turn two saw the action really heating up. Grimli and Flint hurled themselves into battle trading blows which saw first Grimli and then Flint forced to concede ground. Seeing his leader engage in combat spurred Rapp forward where he spotted Snorri behind the column. Attempting to impress, Rapp hurls himself at Snorri, which turns out to be ill advised as a meaty fist knocks him out almost instantly, removing him from the game.

Losing the initiative, play moves to Grimli's team where the combat between Grimli and Flint saw first one be knocked off his feet only to be knocked over as he attempts to finish off his prone opponent. At this point Ulf enters the fray and knocks out Flint, saving his leader some embarrassment!

Seeing that he is the only dwarf left standing, Olaf calls time!


All in all it was a fun little scenario which saw lots of action and surprise results. Its the first time I've played Song of Blades and it was surprisingly good for such a simple ruleset.

I am sure I got lots wrong in the playing of the game but I had fun doing so. I suspect further games will help me get the hang of things with Grimli adding some more recruits and moving into the wilds of the Axeblades in search of glory and ale.

All the best!


  1. The "training the troops" concept is actually a pretty cool idea for a scenario -- I like it!

  2. Hi!

    It was quite fun but in reality I just didnt have anything for the dwarves to fight against as yet!

    Hopefully next week will see the arrival of some orcs and a couple of random monsters!

    All the best!