Monday, 17 January 2011

More Inspirational Terrain!


Following on from my previous rant heres some pictures I have been sent or found of prime examples of fantastic terrain at its best!

Jungle Display Board By Exigent99 Over On Terragenesis

Hex Terrain By Ableman33 On Terragenesis

Terrain By Irishserb

More Shots of Irishserbs Terrain

Yet More Of It!

Driftwood Forest by N810 On Terragenesis

They are from all over the place including TERRAGENESIS, a rather good scenics forum thats well worth a rummage!

Of course no mention of fantastic terrain would be complete without mention of Tony of DAMPF'S MODELLING PAGE fame amazing Flash Gordon terrain:

Flash! By Dampf

Hopefully this will give me something to work towards!

All the best!

1 comment:

  1. Little bit slow on the post guess i missed it first time around...

    They're really something... i popped over to TerraGenesis and came back with mixed feelings.

    Shame...they're so good
    Hope...They have WIP shots in the gallery as well as Finished articles
    Motivation... well a little anyway :)

    Thanks for bring them to our attention.