Thursday, 27 January 2011

Off On Holiday!


Just a quick message to let folks know that I am off on holiday from today till Sunday so there won't be many updates! 

On the bright side I have got my computer with me and will be trying some playtests of the new Leviathan game, along with some more Song Of Blades games too! Alas I will just have to make do with counters until I get chance to buy the 6mm stuff and sculpt the 15mm gubbins!

Still it will mean that I am getting some games in and getting the hang of the systems!

On a related note I am still on the lookout for any fantasy rulesets folks would like to see gamed and reviewed! At present I am aiming for the lesser known stuff, rather than Fantasy Battle or Hordes/Warmachine but let us know what you want to see and I will attempt to have a game or two of it!

Why am I doing this you may ask! The answer is simple: big games get plenty of coverage and I want to try out as many of the others as possible as theres some real gems to be found amongst them which really deserve to be played! Hopefully my reviews and attempts at gaming them will serve two purposes: firstly people will get to see these games in action which may persuade them to give them a go themselves. Secondly it gives me the excuse to play lots of games and keep my new years resolution to play as many games as possible! 

The target is currently to get at least four games in a month but I hope to do a lot better over the course of the year! Alas I am somewhat behind as I have only managed a single game this year which already leaves me with a load of catching up to do!

All the best!

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