Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Small Scale Gaming Board Part 1


Well I nipped into Homebase this morning and picked up a pack of vinyl floor tiles to use as the basis for my small scale gaming board.

To be honest I have not been too impressed with the result as the pattern on the tiles is blurry and foolishly the texture which is supposed to run with the pattern, has been printed on 90 degrees out so it just doesn't look right!


I was planning on using the cake bases as seen in QALPHA'S project but spotted some cork tiles instead. They add a nice bit of grip to the back of the board and will hopefully stop them shifting too much!

As the pattern looks a bit rubbish I have decided to texture them a bit with some sand and paint over the lot of it to get a better finish! I think that a little bit of brown static grass at this point should finish it off nicely!

I also have to add a dead copse of pines to my project list! Along with some volcanic craters it should give my dwarves something to fight over!

In other news I have got seven dwarves finished (alas no sleeping beauty!) but not had chance to get a photo yet! I will, however try and rectify that first thing tomorrow before I head north!

I had a bit of putty left and also made a random magic user but I don't know what force he will fight for as yet or if he will be a freelancer!

All the best!


  1. Heya
    Hang in there, the pattern is not as bad as it first seems. The tiles themselves come with an arrow marker on the peel away wich is useful to transcribe to the mounting /cork for future orientation. By the time all the scenery is in place it just gives a nice non regular pattern that blurs. While not completeley realistic it's alot better then even 3 tones of paint and sets the atmosphere for the game terrain without having to paint lots of different boards.

    Before you cover all the tiles in sand and staticgrass, a word of warning, it sometimes makes any further scenery you place on top look and/or sit uncomfortably.

    I'll try an get some of the experiments i've done up on my blog for reference but i think the biggest sticking point will be Good graphics vs Framerate or in this case pretty vs practical.

    Ps i'm so jealous you found cork!! i've been after that for years, they told me since it was an endangered species it was no longer used for tiles,pinboards and generic building.

    Still i'd like to see the finished pictures which ever way you decide on :)

  2. Hi!

    I know! Its surprisingly hard to get hold of the stuff! I've been after cork for ages after seeing Matakishis site:


    He uses the stuff for everything!

    I will keep your suggestion in mind! I plan on adding some patches of sand and static grass to the boards so the defects aren't too obvious! I think it was just the batch of tiles that were a little iffy so will try getting some more when I get chance!

    Eventually I hope to have a 4x4 modular board with a bit of luck!

    All the best!