Monday, 3 January 2011

Technomancer Guild Project Part 1


I'm back in Worcester and plan to get the first of the Technomancer Guilders done in the morning. I have a Technomancer ready to paint and the mk2 War Golem base coated and will post a work in progress for the project as it progresses through January.

I've also ordered 90% of the required miniatures to complete the force but my £20 budget only goes so far! Still I managed to save some pennies by ordering some of the old Chronopia Dwarves as infantry as £4.95 for 4 chunky armoured miniatures is rather good!

Also I had a look at my miniatures pile and found this:

Brass Coffin

Its a large resin steam powered vehicle from RAMSHACKLE GAMES called the Brass Coffin. I plan on converting mine (A left over from my abortive post apocalyptic project) into a Technomancer vehicle. I will need to order some new wheels and a turret from Ramshackle to upgrade it, but it will bring some much needed firepower to the force and differentiate it from the Dwarven forces steam tanks!

I may end up getting some more stuff from Ramshackle as and when my budget will allow!

I am also on the look out for some of the old Mage Knight plastic golems to convert into armoured infantry but may have to settle on the more expensive metal ones from RAL PARTHA EUROPE (again to be ordered from SPIRIT GAMES as I believe in supporting my local shop!)

Its looking like the force a month projects are going to develop in a slightly unexpected way as I have a sneaking suspicion that I may lay hold of some useful stuff for completed forces in later months too!

All the best!


Well I've now ordered the turret and new wheels for the Brass Coffin and at £3.50 it was a bit of a bargain too!

Heres a picture of the turret itself:

Chimera Turret

As you can see the extensive detailing on it works well with the Leviathan Dwarven war engines! Hopefully it will arrive this week so I can crack on with converting and building my new Technomancer Tank!

All the best!


  1. I can already tell that this is going to be a great looking force on the tabletop. I can't wait to see some of the pieces painted!

    I finally bit the bullet and completely cleaned up my painting area over the holidays. It took several days, but now I should be able to get some painting done in the new year.


  2. Hi!

    I've actually been cracking on with some painting today and hope to have the golem finished tonight and will take photos tomorrow!

    I also have my Technomancer undercoated and drybrushed along with a champion for my infantry along with my Technomancers trusty steam golem bodyguard and will be cracking on with them ASAP!

    Alas the remainder of the force will be delayed by two weeks as Phil at Spirit Games is out of stock of some of my order and has had to order the remainder from Ral Partha Europe.

    Still the Ramshackle order should still be ok and I hope to have it arrive soon which will allow me to get my steamtank built!

    Best of luck with the painting!