Saturday, 1 January 2011

Technomancer Guilder Miniature Rummagings!


I've spent a bit of time perusing the choice of Dwarves for my Technomancers and have decided to go for something a bit different from the usual Dwarven types.

At present I have a Technomancer from the Leviathan range:


A Mk2 Wargolem, in this case the Firestorm:


I am also planning on buying some of these chaps from Titan Wargames:

Dwarven Heavy Infantry

I also want to get hold of one of the Fire Throwers from the old Chronopia range:


I still need to track down some suitable firepower in the form of bun toting dwarves, and think the Ral Partha Thunderchief's from Ral Partha:

Thunderchief's and Dwarven Chieftain

Finally I will be adding a few automatons in the form of some of the Ral Partha Mage Knight Metal bits and bobs:


That will give me a decent force to be getting on with and still leaves the option for me to expand the selection and sculpt the odd bit and bob!

All the best!

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