Wednesday, 12 January 2011

An Updated Map Part 2


I've ordered a couple of packs of hex bases from Warbases and have found that Games Workshop has a copy of the first edition of Mighty Empires available as a free download. After a quick peruse I have found that it will make a good game in its own right and i will be attempting to get the Axebite Pass campaign started up as soon as possible.

This will involve me texturing the bases into the required mountainous country of the Axeblade region, the mountain range that splits the lands of Aeroth in two with the blasted wastes of the elven empire in the west and the endless plains of the orc hordes in the east.

The campaign itself will be fought primarily between the dwarves and the orc hordes and should give me plenty of opportunity to get some games of various sizes done!

I will begin work on the background ASAP but for those of you interested in a preview heres the first page of a report on one battle from the Leviathan Rulebook:

As I get the project underway I will add the rest of the report!

All the best!

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