Saturday, 15 January 2011

An updated Map Part 3


I've mapped out the rough region of the Axblade mountains which will be the setting for my Axebite Pass Campaign!

Axeblade Maountains

Once my wooden hexes arrive from Warbases I will get to work texturing and painting them into a decent topographic representation of the campaign map. Once this has been completed I will need some counters to represent settlements and castles and some armies!

I am also considering having a part of the campaign fought beneath the ground in the vast maze of tunnels and caverns that spread underneath the Axeblade region. This will probably involve skirmishes between Dwarven tunnel fighters and Orc scouts, but also give me the opportunity to involve all sorts of underground dwelling beasties to torment both factions!

As you can see there is also an elven citadel on the west side of the mountains, this will be an independent empire that may take a hand in the campaign. There may also be a number of undocumented barbarian settlements in the northern section of the map who are not averse to raiding baggage caravans or picking off stragglers. It also provides the Orcs with the possibility of raiding the villages for supplies and slaves and a possible source of allies for the dwarves!

Hopefully I will have stuff up and running soon, including a few completed hex tiles so folks can see what I am up to!

In a related topic, I was watching Land of the Lost Volcano, a BBC nature programme the other day and they visited an island with an active volcano on it which gave me some ideas as to what the terrain should be like on much of Aeroth!

Volcanic Ash!

I also spotted this image and it made me think what a fantastic board that would make!


Its actually a rock formation called a Hoodoo! I plan on using it for some of the locations in Aeroth but making a tiny version of it for my campaign map is very tempting!

All the best!

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