Sunday, 13 February 2011

200th POST!


Well I have finally reached the 200 posts mark for my blog! Its taken me three years but I have done it!

The project has suffered periods of neglect followed by frenzied activity and has developed from a project log to cover my attempts at collecting a couple of forces for Leviathan using the existing resin miniatures to extending the background setting of Aeroth and finally developing my own miniatures in a totally new scale!

At times I have despaired at ever getting anything done with the project but it is finally developing into something recognisable. By the end of this year I am hoping to get a small range of 15mm scale figures into production and continue the development of the setting of Aeroth. I also hope to get chance to continue sculpting and gaming as its been a real joy to be doing something productive for a change!

I still plan on getting as many of the forces people voted for sculpted and painted as possible, a task made much easier by the fact it takes a day to sculpt 3-4 figures and another to paint them! Admittedly the big stuff is taking much longer but I am enjoying the challenge.

I've taken a quick pic of my 15mm scale stuff, along with a couple of sneak peeks of some stuff I am still working on:

Assorted Gubbins!

As you can see I still have a fair way to got to get the forces I want finished, and I may cheat slightly and make do with some proxies until I get chance to finish everything! Theres also a sneaky picture of something big lurking in the background which will be getting worked on over the course of the next month or so!

Thanks to all of you folks for spending some time reading through my jabberings! Hopefully I will be able to keep you all interested in my ongoing Leviathan project for some time to come!

All the best!


  1. Congratulations on 200 posts!

    Looking forward to the next 200 . . . and beyond!



  2. Hey congrats!

    Always an enjoyable read -- keep them coming! :)

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the comments folks!

    I'm hoping to be able to continue with the blog for some time to come!

    All the best!

  4. Heya

    Some interesting WIP you've got lurking in the background. If they're all the same scale then it looks like the dwarfs may have atheir work cut out when they take on the orcs.

    I'm liking the texture/toning on the Wilding, it also looks like it may work for larger scales as a perfectly respectible Gribbly.

    keep it up.

  5. Hi!

    The Wildling has taken me ages and still isnt finished I'm afraid!

    I hope to get chance to work on him this weekend though!

    As for the big guy in the background, he's an attempt to get something in scale with the background material! Hopefully I will get some more of him done over the next week or so!

    All the best!