Thursday, 3 February 2011

Children of the Moon Overview


Qalpha has asked for some more info on the enigmatic Children of the Moon so I thought I would write a brief overview!


The Children of the Moon are one of the original races of Aeroth and predate both the humans and the dwarves.

The children were a nomadic people, traversing much of the savage world of Aeroth in Sky Arcs, mighty floating vessels with a core of moonstone. Originally a peaceful race of creatures, the Children were intrinsically linked with Aeroths moon, it gave them near immortality and was the source of their magic. Ironically it was this that first attracted the attention of the young race known as the Elves.

With single minded determination the Elves sought to conquer the Lunar Children and enslave them to learn their secrets. For a race unused to violence, the Children were decimated. Hundreds died as their settlements were raised to the ground, sky arks were boarded by dragon riders and burned, falling from the sky like fiery meteors. Many more died in the experiments of the Elven mages.

It was during one of these experiments when something unexpected to happen. Jamuga Silvermane, one of the few remaining Lunar Shaman was exposed to the full power of a cabal of sorcerers magic during the full moon. The rite Lunar power surged into the unfortunate shaman giving him near superhuman strength but twisting his body into that of a huge silver wolf. Driven mad by the change Silvermane tore the shocked Elves apart. Across Aeroth, similar changes afflicted the Children of the Moon and the land rang with the howl of the wolf.

Dawn saw the few remaining children bloodied but free. Regaining their senses but retaining their monstrous form, the Children were horrified by what they had done and realising that they could never return to their previous existence, they boarded their sky arks, and departed Aeroth for ever.

The Children of the Moon did not in fact leave Aeroth entirely. They relocated to the far north, further even than the barbarian settlements, to the endless tundra and frozen pine forests. Here they sought to rebuild their lives but the call of the moon was too strong and over the passing eons they have lost much of their humanity becoming more beast than man. Now they roam the lands in packs in an eternal hunt, embracing their new feral nature.


The average Lunar Child stands roughly seven feet tall, and is a cross between a wolf and a man. Barrel chested and powerful the individual Children are capable of moving on two legs or four and have endless stamina enabling them to track and chase down prey in a hunt that can last days.

The bond between the pack is unbelievably strong and their spoken language has all but died out, replaced by a form of unconscious telepathy. This allows the pack to communicate, even over a distance.

Despite their changed shape, the Lunar Children retain their immortality and can take a huge amount of punishment in battle, often regenerating wounds almost as quickly as they have been taken.

Hopefully that will give folks a bit of an overview of the Children of the Moon! I will expand on it when I get chance and the opportunity to sculpt some gigantic wolfmen is rather tempting!

All the best!


  1. Thx

    I can work with that :)

    Gonna be tough going full thoroughbred in 28mm, might have to go with a desecendent tribe of watered down genetics.

    Will have to have a play with the lead piles.

  2. Hi!

    I was thinking of having a mixture of pure bloods and half breeds with the wolves providing the muscle while the halfbloods provide archery!

    All the best!

  3. Heya

    got some mojo for this one...

    playing with the conversions WIP here:

    Running non-wolf ferals/tribals and wolf/dogs would work real well for me given the lead piles i'm looking at. Probably end up barbarian based but with a focus on Spirit and Wolf Warpers.

    Ps let me know if i'm stepping on your toes...

  4. Hi!

    Thats a fantastic looking model you are working on!

    Please feel free to use as much or as little of the background as you like!

    Being as the Children of the Moon inhabit an area north of the barbarian clans, its easy to say that some packs have joined forces with the barbarians.

    In fact the barbarian background gubbins says that the barbarian clans have totem animals, including the wolf. Also that the clan chieftains have the ability to take on this form during battle, much like the warpers!

    All the best

  5. I think some of the Rackham Confrontation Wolfen would work as (slightly) less feral Children of the Moon. The older metal minis are really beautiful sculpts.

    The metals and the newer plastics are still available in a lot of online stores, as well as all over Ebay.

    Some of the sculpts are far taller than 7 scale feet, but they'd make great leaders, shamans, or warped/totem Children.

    Ral Partha also did a whole line of minis for the Werewolf: The Apocalypse game:

    Lots of different humans, large wolves, and human/wolf hybrids. Smaller than the Wolfen, so they might fit your theme better. They've been OOP for a while, but there are still quite a few packs on Ebay - and Spirit Games might have some, too.