Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dwarven Keeper Completed!


Just a quick update on progress so far!

Heres a picture of my completed dwarven Boar Company Wildling keeper:

Wildling Keeper

I've posed him next to a piece of terrain I have had kicking around for years in an uninspiring grey but repainted to a slightly more interesting sandstone colour! Its originally from the OLMEC RUINS set from SCOTIA GRENDEL but works rather nicely as some sort of buried piece of gigantic statuary!

I have also completed some random beasts to accompany my rogue sorcerer in the form of a pair of giant bats. Originally from Games Workshops Warhammer Quest box, they too have been languishing in the bottom of my bits box for years. I removed the large plastic flight stand and poked a bit of a hole in them to add the thin wire that is a bit less obtrusive:

Sorcerers Giant Bats!

Apologies for the slightly blurry picture but I cant seem to get a decent shot of them!

In other news I have been busily beavering away with the sculpting malarky and have got the bottom half of my Wildling done. Alas no pictures as yet but he is taking shape rather nicely! I have also got several orcs started but am not too happy with them as they are a tad on the wide side so may be given a slight re-design as minions of my sorcerer!

Theres also a load of scenery sitting undercoated and just awaiting the pva on their bases to dry before I get on with painting them!

Hopefully I will get some more bits and bobs finished over the course of the weekend before uni starts in earnest!

All the best!

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