Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dwarven Wildling Project Log Part 1


I thought it might be a plan to post a work in progress log of my Dwarven Wildling!

Wildling Armature

At present I have the armature built and the first layer of putty added. I will be bulking him up as each layer dries out!

Background wise, the Wildling is a gigantic mutated boar, trained by the dwarves to fight over terrain unsuited to seam driven vehicles. Popular with the frontier garrisons due to its ability to be both self sufficient and more light footed than a wargolem, the Wildling is capable of taking on just about anything the wild frontiers of the Axeblades can throw at it.

The Boar company have been awarded one, by Hrothgar the Bellower, thane of Dur Zamor, for their courageous action that broke the goblin advance in the battle of the previous week.

The company will be venturing out into the wilds within the next few days and the addition of such a powerful creature to their roster bolsters their chances of survival greatly.

Hopefully I will get him finished in the next couple of days, along with his keeper so I can get them painted and ready for battle!

All the best!

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