Saturday, 12 February 2011

List of Stuff For Sale!


I have the following going up for sale over the weekend on Ebay:

Judge Dredd the Complete Case Files, Volumes 1-14
Nemesis the Warlock Volume 1
Ace Trucking Volume 1
Judge Dredd, Mechanismo
Black Powder Wargame Rules
Future War Commander

Theres a load more going to be added to the list including miniatures so keep your eyes peeled!


Uncharted Seas Ralguard Starter Fleet
Dwarf Starter Fleet
Dragon Lords Starter Fleet


Bringer of the Nightwings, painted
Reaper Werebear, painted
Ral Partha Evil Cleric, painted
Heartbreaker Dwarf, Painted
An assortment of unpainted dwarves, Ramshackle games resin miniatures, and some Grendel stuff too!

All the best!


  1. How did you rate FWC?
    Is it worth owning a copy?

  2. Hi!

    Its a good system for mass battles in 6mm and 15mm scale but I just dont have the space to play it!

    Theres loads of pics of forces inside, along with comprehensive lists for all the major 6+15mm scale manufacturers ranges produced at the time of publication. It also has rules for designing custom units and a rather nice skirmish type of game for 15/28mm games!

    Its well worth a peruse if you want to play large games!

    All the best

  3. Do you have a link to your auctions? Very interested in the Dredd books

  4. Here you go:

    Theres currently volumes 1-10 on but I will be listing 11-14 in the morning along with a load more 2000ad graphic novels!

    All the best!