Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Additions!


Well its been a busy week here so its taken longer than expected to get the photos of my latest additions to my forces but here they are at last!

Left to Right: Dwarf Hunter, Children of the Worm Decayed, Orc Warrior

I am really pleased with how the Dwarf hunter and Decayed warrior turned out but think I need to reconsider my orc designs as he's just too small!

Heres a better picture of the Dwarf keeper along side the new hunter:

Dwarf Keeper and Hunter

I have another hunter nearly finished and the Wildling is slowly getting there! I have to admit that the sheer amount of time it takes to sculpt stuff in a larger scale is a bit off putting but he will look nice once he is finished and his addition will complete my Dwarf force for the meantime!

Next up I found this guy in my bits box so decided to paint him up and add him to my rogue sorcerers retinue:

Monstrous Minion

I think he's from a game called Inferno but can't be entirely sure! I got him amongst a pile of GW snotlings from Manic Miner a couple of years ago. He's a bit of an odd looking miniature to be honest but makes an acceptable addition to my forces!

Hopefully I will be able to get the other bits and bobs I am working on done soon but have a painting commission to get out of the way first which will probably take much of next week...

Anyhoo... Enough of my ramblings! I am off to get an exciting essay written! Joy!

All the best!


  1. STOP IT!

    These are awesome and I want to BUY them!!!!!!!


    Excellent work that's making me increasingly jealous.


  2. Hi!

    Well I am sending something to in the next week or so...

    Alas I think my sculpting will have to take a back seat for a while so I can get on with my uni work!

    All the best!

  3. Heya

    I think your both right... the sculpts are nice but the orc isn't what you'd call sterotypical reminds me of the Pig warrior things from Jabba's palace (Starwars 6).

    If i was being hypercritical i might query the design of the Decayed's sword. ~I like the dimensions for the dwarf weapons shorter n heavier looking but for a human sized warrior i'm not so sure.

    Still, looking forward to see more.

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the comments!

    The Decayed's sword is a tad on the bulky side to be honest, I was somewhat inspired by the weapons from Chronopia though which may explain why I got a bit carried away!

    As for the orc, I plan on reclassing him as an evil minion. I think my orcs need to look more big and bulky, like the concept art from Leviathan!

    All the best!