Monday, 7 February 2011

Quick Update!


Apologies for not posting sooner but I have been a bit busy sculpting and painting!

I currently have 1 orc, 1 dwarf and 1 Children of the Worm decayed miniatures sculpted and sat undercoated. I will be cracking on with the bases this evening and should have them finished at some point tomorrow for folks to see!

I have also got about another half dozen miniatures at various stages of sculpting, but the Wildling is taking up much of my time! I should have him finished by the weekend so fingers crossed!

In other news, my scenic madness is getting there and I will soon have enough to add some decent cover to a 2x2 board!

After that my updates are going to slow down I'm afraid. I am entering my last semester of uni so will no doubt be run off my feet. Saying that I am determined to set aside one day a week to get some painting and sculpting done!

Hopefully I will get chance to get some games in as well, especially as I only now need 3 figures for my dwarves and I will have a decent sized skirmish force for Song Of Blades, or any other game I fancy having a go at!

My OTHER PROJECT shouldn't effect progress here as it is intended more to give me something to do if I get stressed with fantasy, as I do from time to time!

All the best!

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