Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wildling Proxy!


I picked up some Gormiti figures from Tescos yesterday on a bit of a whim and repainted one as a Wildling for my Dwarven Boar Company:

Wildling and Keeper

I am really pleased with how he turned out to be honest, not least because he's a big figure that I am happy with the paint job! I still need to get his base done but wanted to get a picture or two up here as quickly as possible.

Wildling Front

Wildling Rear

The detailing on the figure was surprisingly good once it was repainted and its a pleasingly chunky figure that looms impressively over the average 15mm scale dwarf. I have several more Gormiti figures which will be seeing action as either Daughters of Leviathan or Sea Devils and another which is perfect for the Elves! I suspect I will be picking up quite a few of them over the coming months as they sell for a princely £1.50ish each in Tescos.

The only downside that I can find is that most of them are in rather static poses and their lower limbs are a bit on the chunky side. Saying that they seem to paint up well and as the classic Leviathan range was similarly chunky, I am not complaining!

He has already seen combat and managed to hold his own against an adult dragon in an upcoming battle report between the Boar Company and the evil rogue sorcerer Marik Goldhelm!

Worry not though! I will be completing the Wildling sculpt I am working on and this one will be used as a different breed!

All the best!


Following a request for a better picture of the Keeper, here he is:

Dwarf Keeper and Hunter

All the best!


  1. An awesome figure with a great paint job!

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the comments!

    I have a small pile more to add over the coming weeks! Admittedly some are a little poor, but with a bit of conversion, they should be fine!

    All the best!

  3. I`ve been seeing those little selfsculpt dwarfs over the LAF for a while now, really like what your doing here, keep up the good work!