Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dwarven Battle Rager


Heres a quick picture of the latest Dwarf model I've been working on, the Dwarven Battle Rager:

Battle Rager

Armed with a broadsword and battleaxe, the Battle Rager is a whirlwind of destruction and will be taking his place in the Boar Companies ranks as soon as I get him based and painted.

I wanted to do a slayer type of character for my force but not some gloomy death seeking type with a ridiculous hairdo but settled for something a bit more interesting, a Dwarf trained in the martial arts and fighting for the sheer joy of it. I will need to choose his stats carefully to represent his combat skill, but also an impetuous nature which will see him actively seeking a fight with just about anything!

I have also got my heavy infantry half done and hope to finish them by the end of the week which will just about complete my Boar Company for the time being!

All the best!


  1. Heya

    nice sculpt and i mean that so remember this before you read the next comment :)

    For a dynamic weapon wielding tour de force....the feet are two straight and static facing forward as they do. If one leg was slightly back or if the foot was turned sideways with the promise of movemnet it would make the whole miniature more congruent.

    Now enough criticsm...

    Looking forward to seeing it, and the others painted.

  2. Hi!

    thanks for the crit! I am still getting the hang of sculpting at such a small scale and getting a dynamic pose is something I will be attempting in the near future with my children of the worm sculpts!

    All the best!