Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fantasy Aerial Combat?


I have been pondering the possibility of playing a game or two featuring aerial combat in Leviathan.

The background mentions Dragons and air boats being used by the Elves, Dwarven warbaloons and Orcish Darkwings and I quite fancy giving it a go using 6mm scale.

I have a copy of Fantasy Fliers, a freely available set or rules that has quite an exhaustive list of possible steeds, contraptions and weapons for use in aerial combat in any fantasy setting.

I have a Dwarven airship at present from the Uncharted Seas range, and plan on sculpting a couple of Gyrocopters to support it and am sat building a herd of Orcish Darkwings to attack it!

Final Fantasy Airship

Another Final Fantasy Airship!

Flying Junk of Doom!

A quick google search revealed that theres some really nice designs out there but the miniature market is a tad behind. Admittedly the designs pictured are probably a bit on the big and complex side to game with but the possibility of using some smaller classes along with dragons and other flying creatures has some real possibilities.

Riding the Cold Wind to Valhalla

A classic example is the Ral Partha model Riding the Cold Wind To Valhalla, although its 25/28mm scale its a rally interesting model that could be made into a playable gaming piece in a smaller scale!

Dragon Lords by Grenadier is another example which pitted different coloured dragons and their riders against each other but its sadly out of print but it uses 6mm figures and the overall look is what I am trying to achieve!

Dragon Lords

I shall have to see how things go but it might be a fun way to expand the Leviathan game and if anyone has a suggestion for possible miniatures please give me a shout!

All the best!


  1. I wrote an article on fantasy air wargaming in the last issue of Ragnarok. Dragon Lords is good, being based on a WWI set! Irregular are a great source of miniatures, Kallistra do some nice dragons.

  2. What about Aeroloque?

    It's on Orcs in the Webbe!

  3. I have to admit the idea of giant flying ships that carry squadrons of aerial fighter lizards an interesting concept, though the cynics may think it little more than a new venear on an old model.

    While 28mm would look fanastic, unless the sky boat was effectively a flying castle then the logistics would be a real issue... smaller scales would work much better in games terms but at a real loss of character.

    Both Dreamfall and Jadeempire have some interesting visuals and anime like the 7 Samuari etc.

    If each faction had its own distinct take it would be really cool...elves dragons magic, dwarves ironclads blackpowder, greenskins nomadic winged horse archer tribes that sort of thing.

    Course the trick is in doing the imagination justice.

    Best of luck... that's a big biscuit you're about to bite.

  4. Hi!

    I had a look at Aeroloque and by the looks of it, its a mod for Aeronef.

    I hadn't actually thought of using Aeronef! I have the rules somewhere and may have to look them up!

    Alas Dragon Lords is almost impossible to get hold of these days! Still I have plenty to be getting on with!

    All the best!

  5. If you can find any of the 6mm 'Industrial Gothic' Hammersmith airships they'd work a treat as dwarven airships. They were easy and cheap to find for a while but I haven't run across any lately. Too bad that line met a sad end before it got started, it seemed like it had some similar goals as the (sadly never-to-be-seen) Chronopia Empires minis... though those were 10mm IIRC.

    I've thought about having a look at Aeronef as well... I'd like to stick with 6mm but maybe for airships smaller is better.

  6. Hi!

    Apologies for the delay in responding but Ive been off with a horde of uni work and haven't had chance to peruse the blog!

    I did consider the Industrial Gothic stuff but couldn't find any online at present!

    The Uncharted Seas stuff has a few bits and bobs that can be put to good use. Theres several airships and dragons too!

    All the best!