Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Free Warband In A Day Part 3: The Armatures


Well the project is finally up and running!

Heres a picture of the basic armatures for the force:


I still have to make a second set of wings and cover the second rider with his first layer of putty but things are getting done!

Alas now I have to wait for an hour or so for the putty to dry before I can get started on bulking up the Orcs!

Updates to follow!


  1. Heya

    Good to see you've found the time, alas i'll have to catch up on it tomorrow... so i expect great things :)

    Does the putty your using respond to heat, like a desk lamp... to cut down your waiting times?

    Best of luck

  2. Hi!

    I use procreate and do believe it does respond to heat so will give it a try!

    I much prefer it to green stuff which is a nightmare to use as its just too tacky!

    All the best!