Thursday, 17 March 2011

An Updated Map Part 6


Alas I still haven't finished the modular map but its rapidly getting there!

Heres a couple of rather poor pictures of it:

Fortified Town

Map In Various Stages of Completion!

Alas the lighting has turned it orange but I will get some proper ones taken once its all finished!

I am finding the project oddly compelling as the tiny details are really fun to make. With elements like tiny towns made from balsa and forests of pipe cleaners its proving to be quite a lot of fun!

I now have a series of cliffs and escarpments done too and hope to get the lot painted up this evening!

By the time I have completed it the area surrounding the Axebite Pass along with all the surrounding settlements. With this map I can then get my campaign underway as soon as I have some army and flag counters sorted out.

Its nice to see that the project is finally coming together as it will be one less thing on the to do list!

All the best!


  1. Terrific! Some questions:

    Where did you get the hexes? What are they made of and how accurately are they cut?

    How did you carve out the roads?

    The settlements are awesome - are they just little blocks of wood?

    If you have time a tutorial on your building process would be very much appreciated.

    Keep it up - can't wait to see the finished map.

  2. Hi!

    The hexes are from warbases, the link is on the link list at the bottom of the sidebar.

    They are laser cut 2mm thick MDF and 50mm across the straights. As far as I can see near perfect and at £1 for 8 quite a bargain!

    I textured them with some acrylic texture paint which comes in a big the size of a jam jar for £8ish and can be sculpted to a certain extent.

    The settlements are indeed small pieces of balsa glued onto some thin plasticard.

    Alas I have run out of bases to work on at present but will post an tutorial as soon as I get more!

    All the best!

  3. Oh and the roads are cut in with a cheap woodcut tool I picked up for a university project for about £3!

    All the best!