Sunday, 17 April 2011

Assorted Gubbins!


Just a quick update to show the results of my recent 28mm scale painting attempt:

Technomancer Thunderchief

I have some hopes that I will finally finish off the Technomancer Guilders as the results of this test piece are quite promising. I do think that I need to redo the skin tones as they are a tad on the pink side but otherwise its not looking too bad.

I've also got a couple of lesser earth elementals completed for my human barbarians:

Lesser Earth Elementals

Elementals Alongside Dwarven Battle Rager

Constructed from some pieces of gravel and a bit of sand they have turned out rather nicely and I may have to make several more of them!

All the best!


  1. These look great -- nice job!

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the comments! Its been great to get chance to paint again after so much sculpting!

    All the best!