Sunday, 5 June 2011

Children of the Moon Allies


Well I've finally had chance to finish off my Children of the Moon allied tribe!

The Tribe

The Infanty

Druid and Great Wolf

The miniatures themselves are from PETER PIGS ancient German range and are quite small but really nice figures while the Great Wolf is an old plastic Games Workshop wolf which I had kicking around for some time.

The Tribe ambushing some Dwarves who foolishly strayed into their hunting grounds.

Covered in tattoos and warpaint the clan is suitably barbaric looking, complemented by the fact they are accompanied by a couple of sky clad berzerkers.

The warband itself is badly in need of more ranged options as at present the only ranged firepower they have is a single javelin man and the druid himself. I suspect I will be placing another order with Peter Pig soon for some more bits and bobs which will allow me to expand their options a little.

I plan on adding some wolf riders and some Moon Warped (great big werewolves!) as well but at least I now have another force to play with.

I will be painting up some Fallen barbarians next as I have quite a few of the Peter Pig figures left over. They will need quite a bit of converting though as the tribe of Morda are a different people from the other northern tribes and openly serve the Fallen.

All the best!


  1. looking good, the war paint has come out well and the two toned wolf is a nice touch.

    They're looking remarkably well endoured considering the temperature :)

    Let's see how well the Boars do in the face off!

    Happy gaming.

  2. Hi!

    What can I say! They breed hardy types in the north!

    The battle report was fun but I need to re-tweek some of the stats as the berserkers were a bit rubbish!

    All the best!