Monday, 13 June 2011

The Sad Side of Gaming


I was in Birmingham this afternoon and decided to nip into the most local of the independent gaming stores (who shall remain nameless) . Having looked at their website I had seen they stocked a decent range and thought I would have a peruse.

Finding them wasn't too difficult as they are near an art shop I know but I must admit that I had to leave after only a few minutes. The problem was the smell. Now I know gamers have the reputation for being soap dodgers but I was rather dismayed with the stale smell of sweat that assaulted me as I entered. More infuriatingly I spotted some second hand orcs that would have been ideal but couldn't bring myself to buy them.

It was disappointing to once again be shown the stereotypical view of wargamers as a bunch of smelly men. It has put me off returning to the shop!

In somewhat related news, I was in my local Hobbycraft at the weekend in an attempt to pick up some Mantic fantasy plastics but was saddened to find they have stopped stocking them! Its probably for the best but I am irked somewhat that I seem to be foiled in all my attempts to purchase any wargaming stuff!

All the best!


  1. I visit this same shop once a year during the German market, by then I'm normally too sozzled to care about the distinct smell of stale biscuits. If you'd have managed to forge ahead and tried to buy anything you'd be lucky to find anyone how would actually speak to you. The contrast with the Games Workshop experience is quite unnerving.


  2. Heya

    I try to avoid all hobby shops during holdidays... it's not just the soap dodging adults but also the ignorant adolescents... the nose can only take so much abuse.

    Between the unwillingness to actually open, the strange smells and the quite often baffling organisational system that most backstreet hobby stores seem to go for it's a wonder they ever sell anything.... but then maybe that's the point after all it thier collection your attempting to walk away with :)

    Keep the wallet happy...

  3. Hi!

    Its interesting to see that others have had the same experience! I seem to have been lucky as Spirit Games and long before that, the long lamented Macs Models are and were fantastic shops!

    Why must local game stores tend towards smelliness. It is something that GW has done right.

    They are set up to encourage folks to come in and buy, rather than the local store which more often than not have a somewhat less friendly approach, often with their chums in who all stare at you as you venture into their domain.

    I think in future I will be going to be visiting Spirit Games for all my gaming needs or buy online.