Saturday, 2 July 2011

This is Supposed to be Leviathan Isn't It?


Well I have been really enjoying all the distractions of skirmish gaming of late along with all the sculpting I have been working on.

I originally set up this blog to cover the game Leviathan but have been spending much of my time working my way through the background setting and not enough looking at the rules. I have even spent time reviewing other rulesets and playing battle reports using them.

Despite all this I haven't actually done anything with Leviathan the game for ages! I had hoped to get the Earthpower supplement worked out but haven't even done that yet! Therefore I am designating July as Leviathan month!

I am hoping to spend the time sculpting and even casting up some small forces to play some games and generally have some fun with the original rules! I will post updates and even try and get some new units written up and do a little work on the Earthpower supplement too!

Updates to follow!

All the best!


  1. Sounds great, I have been reading the leviathan rules myself. I even ordered a few Mage Knight steam galoms for my hopefuly soon to be made dwarf force. Whats the Earthpower supplement? And do you know were I can find more info on the fallen armsy, children of the worm and the knights of the eternal light?

  2. Hi!
    Earthpower was the planned supplement to the main rules that covered the Knights Of the Eternal Light and the Children of the Worm along with rules for flying, magic and siege warfare.

    Unfortunately the draft of the rules was lost when Scotia Grendels PC died and no one who worked on it has a copy (believe me I've asked everyone involved that I could contact!)

    I have a draft of the magic rules and am slowly working my way through the Mk2 wargolems and all the remainder of the Grendel range!

    I am also working my way through the main rules and sorting out all the errata to sort it out!

    All the best!

  3. In honor of Leviathan month, I will bust out one of my two copies of the rules and re-read them.

  4. Hi!

    Leviathan is well worth a read through!

    All the best!