Friday, 30 December 2011

Designing Dur Zamor


I've begun thinking of putting together a keep to base the upcoming campaign around. I had considered scratch building something but having perused the SCOTIA GRENDEL website I found the following bits and bobs which will come in handy:

Dwarven Keep

Dwarven Stronghold

Dwarven Gun Turret

Dwarven Outpost

Dwarven Tower

Dwarven Gateway

Although they are intended for 28mm scale, they will make excellent chunky fortifications in 15mm scale too! With just a little bit of work they should be perfect.

Unfortunately I did have the gateway but stupidly sold it when I moved house. In the short term I think I will make do with ordering one of the towers which will make a good outpost for the main keep of Dur Zamor and an excellent objective for the Orcs to assault.

It could even give access to the Underlands, the vast maze of tunnels and cavern systems that lie under the Axeblade Mountains and could result in an Orcish invasion of any of the other Dwarven keeps or settlements in the region.

I particularly like the fact that the whole lot are modular so could be reused and combined to create a wide variety of different layouts!


  1. I have all of those Dwarf pieces from Grendel, if you want any dimensions or other information, LB.

    I bought most of them at a discount when a local hobby shop went under, and bought the rest direct from Grendel to complete the collection. I even have two of the Stronghold.

    The modular aspect of the kits is a *big* selling point, to me, although I'm also considering some kind of permanent board for them. (Which will be one heavy piece of terrain.)

    My only minor quibble is that the walls are pretty low - a cavalry figure can practically reach right over them. But my plan is to make an elevated hill or mesa to place them on, to make the whole thing more imposing.

  2. As an aside, for the longest time Blogger wasn't letting me post comments to your blogs (or anyone else's, for that matter). I'm pleased to see that they've fixed whatever the problem was. Expect more comments from me in 2012.


  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the info! I do recall that the battlements are quite narrow on the gateway too.

    In 15mm scale they should be ideal though! I am thinking of adding some walkways round them with balsa wood and adding some shacks, sheds and other gubbins to make it look like a proper border fort!

    I am also planning on sculpting up a supply caravan for both the Dwarves and the Orcs to provide me with some objectives for scenarios!

    I know blogger can be a hassle sometimes and for a while I even had difficulty posting comments on my own blog!

    All the best!