Saturday, 10 December 2011

Scenic Madness


Heres the pictures of the scenery I've been working on over the last few weeks as promised:

Orcish Battle Line

Boar Company Dwarves Encounter an Orcish Warband

Rock Outcrop

Lift Trees

Assorted Fungi

I am quite pleased with the scenery I've produced so far as it brightens up the battlefield considerably and is of a decent tabletop quality however I want to push the quality up a bit to produce something more like this:

As Aeroth has been badly warped by the Death, much of its surface has turned to desert and the high mesas of the Axeblade mountains would look particularly stunning if I could have a decent bash at representing some of the amazing hoodoos, outcrops and other more unnatural phenomenon such as Lift trees, Fungal forests, petrified woods, pools of lava, ruined settlements and so on.

I think I am going to take a page from Steve over on PAINTSPLATS who produced some truly fantastic vignettes for Grendel back in the mid 90s:

Orcs Painted By Steve of Paintsplats

Amazing Scenery by Steve of Paintsplats!

I believe he used Das Clay which is a air drying clay which I have some experience working with so think I might nip out and get a pack. It has the added benefit of being nice and heavy so it won't have the tendency to shift mid game unlike the polystyrene I usually use!

All the best!


  1. This s all amazing work. I might try making some desert rocks with my leftover DAS too!

  2. Hi!

    Its pretty fantastic isnt it! I'm determined to have a bash at it myself in 15mm scale!

    I must admit that I really want to get away from just using the bland flat surface with a few unrealistic hills and a couple of trees in my games as its just a bit uninspiring. I want to have a board that looks interesting and full of the essence of the desolate lands of Aeroth!

    Ideally I think I would go for the terrain board made of blue polystyrene covered in filler to create a more uneven desert surface with mesas and all sorts of interesting features on it. Alas I dont have the space to build let alone store it all so am going to cheat and use interesting terrain elements on my vinyl floor tile boards which will allow for a greater amount of customisation.

    I just picked up some aquarium plants for £2.50 which will be featuring as a weird forest once they are hacked up enough! Aeroth is after all a world not based on the usual fantasy fare of medieval western Europe but more akin to the more desolate parts of America and Australia.

    Fortunately theres lots of photos to be found with excellent reference (National Geographic is especially good and I regularly raid their website for stunning imagery!)

    All the best!

  3. LT: nice job of placing your warriors in a “not-so-sterile” environment. Hills, trees, rocks, bushes, etc. add dimension and added playability to one’s war-games, IMHO. Also, I really like the “not-green” flesh color of the Orks. By-the-way, do I spy the rear end of a fat ham maneuvering around with the Dwarf squad?

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the comments!

    There is indeed a pig wandering round with the Dwarven force! It was sculpted by my girlfriend and painted by me! It now acts as the Boar Companies mascot!

    All the best!