Sunday, 25 December 2011

Winter In Aeroth

The Dwarf hold of Kareth Dull which guards the Axebite Pass has been under near constant siege since the Death by the Orcish horde of the Great Khan, Gorgar, an Orc of unusual cunning and the Boar Company has been battling to keep the high passes surrounding the isolated keep of Dur Zamor open and the arrival of severe winter weather has hampered their efforts.

Winter Arrives in the Axeblades

Weather on Aeroth has been badly disrupted by the release of so much Wild Magic during the Death and now fierce storms have been hammering the high mesa and wild passes surrounding Dum Zamor and the Dwarves are desperately bringing in supplies in order to survive the sub-minus degree winter.

To make matters worse one of Gorgar Khans commanders, Krull Goreblade, has been sent into the area with a sizeable force in order to ambush the Dwarven supply trains and if possible destroy the keep itself.

The Tarn of Gorm

Grimli and the Boar Company have found themselves cut off by one of Krulls raiding parties near the Tarn of Gorm, a bleak and windswept pool high in the mountains. The Tarn itself is a grim place with dark tales of the restless spirits of long dead ancients haunting its shore.

On the eastern shore the Boar Company has sought shelter in the ruins of a long forgotten village and await the coming of dawn.

Grimli nudged the embers of the pitiful fire with his boot. Flint stood nearby, wrapped in a heavy fur and stamped his feet in a futile attempt to keep out the biting cold of the high mountains. Nearby Gunnar was trying to calm the Wildling, its breath steamed as it grunted uneasily.

"He senses something he doesn't like!" Muttered Flint.

"I know how he feels!" Replied Grimli rummaging thorough his pack for a flask of Fire Brandy, popping the lid off and taking a generous swig before handing it to his second in command. "I don't like this place. Theres something unnatural about it which sets my teeth on edge."

"Me to chief, but I've got sentries posted in pairs and hopefully we will be able to move for home at daybreak if we can avoid any Blackblood patrols!" Replied Flint handing back the flask. "What worries me more is the bodies of Orcish scum we found down the trail". "They looked like they had the life drained from them; what could do that to a body?"

"I don't know but I've heard tell that this place is cursed, I guess we are going to find out soon enough for ourselves!"

Suddenly cries sounded from the sentry post nearby "Lights! Moving over the tarn!"

"Orcs!" Cried Flint grabbing up his battleaxe.

"I certainly hope so!" Replied Grimli as he strained to see through the darkness.

Dimly at first he saw them but out over the tarn, a sickly green light bobbed slowly toward the Dwarven positions.

"TO ARMS!" Roared Grimli, "Beware! Theres sorcery afoot, Boar Company to me!


  1. I smell a game or two based off that description

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for that!

    I'm planning on running a campaign in the new year with the battle for the tarn setting in motion a series of events that will end in a cataclysmic battle that will decide the fate of Dur Zamor and the Boar Company!

    Theres going to be battles in the tunnels under the mountains between Dwarves and an ancient evil, Orcs will war with Barbarian raiders and the Boar Company will find itself in events that will effect the whole of Aeroth!

    All the best!

  3. Hi!

    I'm looking forward to cracking on with it! I also need to finish some more scenery though which will make for a suitably impressive board!

    All the best!