Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Calling For Leviathan!


Just a quick update! I am on the lookout for anyone who may have either playtested or even worked on either the original Leviathan or the revised edition from the late 90s with the faint hope of getting any information on the long lost Earthpower supplement!

It was mentioned on the back of the rulebook and indeed there was a draft copy of it back in the day but it was lost when Scotia-Grendels computer broke so I am hoping to piece together whatever I can from it and put a fan edition together!

I have been in touch with Scotia-Grendel direct, William King, who wrote the background and even John Robertson who originally developed the game but the mists of time have meant I have drawn a blank so I am hoping that there may be someone out there who can help!

For reference, the revised edition of Leviathan came in a spiral binding and had an Elven and Dwarf versions.

I know its a vague hope but you never know!

All the best!

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