Saturday, 16 March 2013

Deathseeker Assassin


Heres the newest addition to my Leviathan project, the Deathseeker! Reading the background of the Leviathan book theres mention of a prince of the Fallen called Bethshakai, the Hidden One but other than a brief description, not much else so I thought it would be fun to create some troops for him to add some interest to the campaign I am hoping to start!

The model itself is one of the Mage Knight Metals from Ral Partha that I picked up a couple of years back.

Bethshakai, the Hidden One is one of the Princes of the Fallen but unlike Azothar or The Devourer, relies on more subtle ways to achieve his ends than brute force. He has many followers hidden amidst the races of Aeroth who act as his eyes and ears and allow him to carry out his labyrinthine scheming.

One of his most common servants are the cult of the Deathbringer Assassins. Raised in the secret temples of the Spider god, these mortals are taught the many ways of silent killing, secrecy and stealth, their very bodies become weapons of death.

Under the nominal command of the Oracles, The Hidden Ones priests, the Deathbringers deal out silent punishment for those who oppose their master. Armed with bow and barbed arrows the Deathbringer can kill from afar or close in using their knives and with their robes of darkest black, they strike from the shadows before vanishing like ghosts.

One example of their skill was the death of Maleketh, Azothars warchief in the Weeping Glades region. A mighty Elven noble of terrible reputation, Maleketh was killed with a single arrow though the eyeslit of his helm by a shadowy figure in the midst of battle from a range of over three hundred yards. Likewise many a foe of the Spider God have fallen under the Deathbringers blades or been found poisoned in seemingly impossible locations ranging from secure vaults in the Dwarven holds to shrines of the Knights of the Eternal Light.

Deathseeker Assassin

He will be seeing use as an independent character that will form part of a secret cult within some of the non Fallen societies in Aeroth!

All the best!

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