Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fallen Footsoldier

Amongst the human survivors of the Death following the Elves breaking of the great seal, many have flocked to the banners of the princes of the Fallen. In return they are granted power but at a terrible price. 

Azothar the Destroyer, also known as The Lord Of Havok, has raised armies of such foolish mortals to help him conquer large areas of Aeroth as his Fallen minions cannot always be relied upon while the Human regiments are fanatically loyal to their new master. 

Fallen Footsoldiers are the regular troops of the Lord of Havok and wear heavy suits of plate armour, usually painted in ruddy reds or black and wielding heavy iron swords and axes. 

These mighty warriors are especially despised by the Untamed, the human barbarian clans of the north who believe that they have insulted the Earth Mother by turning their backs on her and siding with the forces of evil.

Fallen Footsoldier


Well thats the first of a unit of about half a dozen Fallen Footsoldiers that I am putting together at the moment! He's one of the old plastic Chaos Warriors but will be seeing duty in a Fallen warband instead. 

They are a new force I have been thinking of adding for a while now as the background from the book mentions humans fighting for the Fallen and I will add more information on them as I paint up the rest of them!

All the best!

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