Sunday, 17 March 2013

Leviathan Rules Redux


Well its been a rather mixed couple of days here, on the one hand I have got quite a bit of painting sorted out but on the other am struck down with man flu! Still its given me some time to think about what I want to do with this project!

Initially I had set up this blog to cover the Leviathan rulebook and setting but it soon became more about the setting that I was developing and taking it off on a tangent from the original into something far more home grown.

Likewise despite having been a supporter of Leviathan all this time I have never actually played a game using the rules from the book. Instead I used lots of other ones such as Song of Blades and even Rogue Trader to represent the rules. I suspect this is partly because I don't have the 8x4 foot board required to play a game and partly because the rules have a rather unfinished feel to them.

The problem is that it was intended as the core rulebook but needed a little more work to it. At present theres too many missing bits, unclear rules and whatnot to really make for a satisfying game so I am proposing cheating and using a completely different set instead!

Theres a long list of fantasy games that would do the trick but Leviathan doesn't really fit them, theres too many big machines, tanks and monsters to fit properly so I am going to experiment with two rulesets that I have found and like, firstly theres Rogue Trader, yes its a sci-fi ruleset but I have always enjoyed playing it and its very flexible too!

The other set is going to be No Quarter by Wargames Unlimited, a rather nice set of generic rules available for free which is good and it has the added advantage of using the D10 instead of D6's.

Now I've made my decision, I need to sort out some forces and looking at what I have left, its looking like the Dwarves have the advantage as I still have a decent amount of stuff available for them!

At present I have enough to field the following:

1 Order of the Axe Guilder
1 Technomancer
2 Order of the Axe Drakes

2 units of 5 Dwarf Guards armed with hand weapons, medium armour and shields.
1 unit of 5 Dwarf Guards armed with spears, medium armour and shields (2 need paint stripping)
1 unit of 5 Dwarf Guards armed with crossbows and medium armour. (still missing 2 crossbowmen)

3 multi barrelled grenade launchers (still missing 9 crewmen)

Dwarf Guard

To this list I still need to add the following to give me a nice force to be getting on with:

2 Thunderhammer Battletanks
1 Irondrake Battletank 
5 Pavices for the Crossbow unit. 

I will also be adding a transport vehicle for one of my infantry squads from Ramshackle Games too but more on that later! For now I will be trying to finish what I have to hand before getting any more stuff and will try and get some stats and armylists put together for both systems.

All the best!

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