Tuesday, 24 February 2009



Well I am still working on finishing the Titanosaur (although it may have to wait till the weekend!) Other than that I have decided to begin work on a fan supplement for Leviathan.

Called Earthpower in homage to the lost supplement of the same name that was slated for release but never made it to print (and indeed the notes were apparently lost in an old pc!) The supplement will cover rules for magic, flying units, possibly siege warfare and defiantly new units for all of the current factions.

Magic in the Leviathan setting is erratic since the fall and could make for an interesting addition to the rules! I don't want to make it too powerful as it would unbalance the game but I do want it to be capable of enhancing the game.

If I have time I also plan on adding a goblin sub-list allowing players to field a goblin only army. Other ideas currently in the mix also includes dwarf vehicle upgrades, new breeds of orc warbeast, new elementals for the barbarians (spirit totems are mentioned in the background and they sound really quite interesting!) and new elven dragons.

I may also begin work on force lists for both the Knights of the Eternal Light and the Children of the Worm. The great thing about the rulebook is that its such a rich source of material as the following are also mentioned:

Snake Men of Koth
Horned Folk
People of the Moon
Survivors (a new human faction)
Non-Demon Worshipping Elves
5 more fallen princes (unnamed although I suspect Goranth is one of them)
The Daughters of Leviathan

As you can see there's enough material here to keep me going for some time and I will keep posting updates both here and on the Scotia Grendel forum!

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