Saturday, 21 February 2009

New Dwarf War Engine


I have been having a look at the remaining Grendel and Leviathan range with the intention to add stats for the vehicles, equipment and monsters that arent currently featured in the rulebook.

So without further ado here's a quick playtest stat for the MK2 Dwarven War Golem Gladiator:

The Gladiator is a new creation of the dwarf Technomancers and sports a powerful cutting blade attachment on one arm while the other is equipped with a mighty battleshield. For close defense the golem also sports several launchers on its shoulders which surround the charging golem with a cloud of shrapnel.

GLADIATOR 15 25 2 3 10 10 7H - 6H 6 9 16

The golem may make:
One attack with each operational arm
One head butt attack each close combat phase
when the golem charges a model of size 3 or greater it may substitute all attacks in favour of a shield charge. The shield charge hits automatically with a +2 bonus to its basic power value (P). If damage is caused the controlling player may roll twice on any location damage table.
When charging the golem activates its shoulder mounted close defense launchers causing all units in base contact with it to take a single POW 3 hit.

Notes: Enhanced save. The golems battleshield vastly improves the machines frontal toughness giving a +2 T to any hits in its front facing

Models Per Unit 1-3
Points per model 135

Location Damage Table:


1-3 1/ DESTROYED - The golems boiler ruptures spilling burning coal into the cabin killing all the crew.

4-6 2/ WEAPON DESTROYED - The blow cripples one eof the golems weapon systems. Roll D20 - 1-10 loses its shield (loses enhanced save, 1 close combat attack and shield charge ability) , 11-15 its sword arm (loses one close combat tattack), 16-20 its close defense launchers (cannot activate launchers)

7-13 3/ IMMOBILISED - The stoker is slain rendering the golem immobile.

14-16 4/ LEG DAMAGE - One of the golems legs is crippled. Reduce movement by half. The golem may no longer make a shield charge attack.

17-20 5/ STUNNED - The crew are thrown by the force of the attack and may not perform any more actions during the turn. The golem is free to operate in the following turn.

Hope thats of some use. I will get it put together as a Word file or PDF and make it available to anyone whos interested!

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