Friday, 20 February 2009

Orc Titanosaur Review!


Well my titanosaur has arrived and its a nice, big beast too.

The miniature (if it could be called that!) arrived from Spirit Games this morning (excellent chaps as I only ordered it the other day!) in a nice sturdy box with a colour photo of the titanosaur.

The kit comes in five pieces, the beasts body and head in two parts and the howdah in three. The grey resin is free of bubbles but does have a rather nasty piece of, for want of a better word, flash on the front which needs cleaning off. Other than that there are some bits on the side of the beast at the straps which need cleaning off which is a bit irritating.

Another odd bit is there seems to be dust mixed into the resin as can be seen above as no amount of cleaning will shift it. It doesnt effect the detail, which is rather nice, but looks a bit grotty.

Here's a pic of the beast with the howdah on the top (minus its head!) it stands an impressive 15cm high and 13cm long. The kit is well worth the money (£21) as its pretty huge but will require a bit of work to get it built and painted.

Good stuff: Its a really big, chunky model with a nice amount of detail and will look great once done.

Bad stuff: It requires quite a bit of work to get it built. Also he howdah is a bit small and requires you to buy three crew models. It will just fit in three old style orcs but if you plan on using new GW plastics you would struggle to fit in two. It's not really a problem for me as this is going to be my Khan's personal warbeast so will have a scratch built howdah to fit in the extra character (the howdah will see use as an orc watchtower at some point!) also you need to lift the roof level of the kits howdah by at least 5mm as it's a tad low to fit in a bunch of wildly gesturing orcs into it.

Conclusion: All in all I am quite pleased with the kit and believe that the grotty resin and flash can be put down to the model being quite old. I think Scotia have had it in stock since the game first came out in the mid 90s! I will try ordering direct from Scotia Grendel next time to see if the quality is better. Hope you find the review useful!

I am going to convert the beast and will start adding some work in progress shots as I go. The plan is to create a custom howdah for my Khan and give the beast a slight repose and some nice chunky armour as befitting an orc leaders mount!

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  1. That dust is liekly just a filler material - It's common practice when casting in polyester resin to add slate/marble/Fillite filler as a way to bulk out the resin and keep costs down :)