Thursday, 19 February 2009

Scotia Grendel Update


The helpful chaps at Scotia Grendel have just posted a bit of an update of the status of Leviathan on Frothers Unite.

It appears that the supplement Earthpower has vanished into the ether but they do still want to support the game which will involve making the rules available as a PDF which is great. They are also going to be uploading more images of the range on their website which will be handy!

In the meantime here's some pics from their site featuring a couple of the MK2 dwarven steam golems. At present there are no rules for them but I do plan on doing some homebrew stats for them in the near future!

Nemesis War Golem (armed with grappling claw and grapeshot launcher)

Gladiator War Golem (armed with cleaver, warshield and shoulder mounted close defense launchers)

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