Friday, 13 February 2009

State of Play


Sorry about the lack of updates but uni has been incredibly busy!

I have now got just under 1000 points of infantry for my orcs and am concentrating on painting them all up but thought that my orc Khan deserved a suitably impressive mount to ride into battle. I decided to order myself a Titanosaur from Spirit games (who inform me that the miniatures are in the post!) I have also ordered a couple of archers as crew and will be using the following orc character as my Khan:

He's an old Heartbreaker miniature and is available from Ral Partha Europe (another excellent company!) and is currently slated to act as my army general although he may get replaced with a larger miniature at some point!

I plan on converting the Titanosaur heavily to depict a suitably powerful orcs personal warbeast. To do this may take a bit of effort but should make for an impressive centre piece to my army as I plan on armouring it and giving it some suitably large war banners and scenic base. I also plan on posting some work in progress shots over the weekend of the beast as it takes shape as well as a review of the miniature itself.

I also hope to get some pics up of both my army as it stands at the moment and of some of the individual miniatures that Ive got painted up!

Till then I am off to get some drawing done!

All the best!


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