Monday, 23 March 2009

Inspiration From Anvil Magazine


Heres another pic from the long out of production Anvil magazine. Originally painted by Steve Blunt the diorama consists of two converted warbeasts and assorted other gubbins and looks pretty good! Im not sure I would want to paint my warbeasts quite so brightly (ok admittedly yellow is pretty bright) but they are quite interesting!

Also heres a pic of the cover of the magazine with another rather nice warbeast conversion. I quite like the oversized banner as it looks suitably commanding and would really help identify character figures on the table!

Im hoping that my order arrives at some point this week as it will allow me to get some reviews done!

All the best!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Orc Necrosaur Review


Well the necrosaur with harpoon that I got on ebay arrived this morning so I thought I would post a quick review!

The miniature arrived in a sturdy shrink wrapped cardboard box with a colour photo of the necrosaur on the front and some black and white images on the back. On opening it I was pleased to see the components were individually wrapped in bubblewrap and also had some packing peanuts to protect them.

The kit comes in five pieces consisting of main body, head, howdah, howdah roof and harpoon. I was pleased to see just how much better the quality of the resin compared to that of the titanosaur. The cast is very clean and bubble free and has no major cleaning needing done. Unfortunately the howdah is broken which is the problem with resin but can easily be fixed and shouldnt detract from the overall quality of the piece.

The necrosaur is a lower slung beast than the titanosaur and has some real character. Its another really big beast which will need a similar sized base as the titanosaur. As usual the skin is really nicely textured and I suspect it will paint up just as nicely as its bigger cousin.

I really do like the head of the necrosaur as its got a real character with a suitably knobbly and evil look. Theres a small chip on its top lip but it actually adds to the look of the character as it appears to have a nice scar.

Good stuff: All in all this is a brilliant kit, well cast with lots of detail. The beast is huge and well worth the money. The harpoon is even nicely detailed as its made from some sort of horned skull. The resin is clean and bubble free and as already mentioned will paint up nicely!

Bad stuff: The howdah is broken but should be easily sorted. Also there are no crew figures which requires you to source them from another company. I plan to add some heartbreaker and old citadel orc miniatures but it would be nice to have had some crew figures included.

Hope the review helps! I'm off to get some uni work done but will try and work on the titanosaur this evening!

Friday, 6 March 2009

An Update!


Just a quick update!

Its a bit of a mixed batch today with a combination of concept art and actual miniatures pics!

First off heres another pic of my Titanosaur with howdah mostly done (theres been some pictographs added on to its sides since this pic was taken chronicling the Khans rise to power including battling dragons and standing on the skulls of those hes slain!) I really will try to get him finished in the morning!

Heres some more concept art of how the orcs were originally supposed to look like. I really like the brutality of the guy and his spines for hair. Truly a suitable harbinger of the end times!

Next off here's some pics of the original goblin concept art. What fantastically sneaky little swine they look too! I would love to see them being used as the basis for some miniatures!

I continue to work on the Leviathan supplement and have been doing some concept sketches for the two new factions and will try to get them online over the course of the coming week! The magic rules are rapidly taking shape and will be available as a draft hopefully by the end of the week.

In slightly related news I am also planning on rummaging out my old Chronopia books for a bit of inspiration as they are what developed from Leviathan. Also there is a thriving gaming community for the game and I plan on getting together some crossover stats allowing players to field figures from the range from that game too!

Alas my gaming budget has been totally decimated as I've had to pay my uni fees so I will have to content myself with what Ive got for the moment. Saying that I have about 1500 points of orcs and goblins still needing painted, 500 points of dwarf infantry and at least a 1000 points worth of barbarians! Coupled with my uni work (I am studying illustration and animation so there may be a Leviathan related short produced as a bit of fun) and the supplement I think I will be kept busy for some time!

All the best!